1 Post Lifts
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Item no.: RP-EA-700E-260-000V Hydraulic 1-post lift, 2.5 t, extra low, 230/400 V, h: 2.60m RP-EA-700E
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1-post lifts: mobile platforms with a small footprint

Lifting platforms are available in many different types. Any type of lift, whether 1-post lift, 2-post lift, 4-post lift, scissor lift,... etc. has its specific field of application.

1-post lifts are particularly suitable for halls, smaller rooms, garages or garages of smaller size, as they are particularly space-saving.

Our 1-post lifts have a lifting capacity of 2.5 tonnes. You can thus also lift heavy cars and allow unrestricted working even at low room heights. The 1-post lift can also be used in garages due to its small footprint and its mobility.

With the integrated pallet truck with running and steering rollers, the lift can be easily maneuvered so that it can also be used in halls or in parking lots.

Especially paint and body shops rely on this type of 1-post lifts, as one side of the vehicle remains free at a 1-post lift, as well as the tires, so that working on this side of the vehicle without any obstacle is possible.

Thanks to the energy-saving operation of our platforms and the low noise level, working with this lift is both pleasant and economical.