Battery Powered Equipment
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Item no.: RP-BG-8496 Cordless Caulking Gun - Li-Ion - 10.8 V
Ready for shipment in ca. 9 days Shipping time: 11 - 12 workdays
Item no.: RP-BG-9919 Cordless Impact Wrench - 520 Nm - max. 1.600 rpm - 18 V
Ready for shipment in ca. 9 days Shipping time: 10 - 11 workdays
Item no.: RP-TE-1250 High torque brushless cordless impact wrench, 1250 Nm, 18 V 5.0Ah
Short supply. Shipping time: 1 - 2 workdays
Item no.: RP-BG-4019 Cordless Polisher and Grinder Set - in Tool Tray for Workshop Trolleys - 10.8 V - 8 pcs.
Short supply. Shipping time: 2 - 3 workdays
Item no.: RP-BG-9256 Cordless Impact Wrench, 24V
Ready for shipment in ca. 9 days Shipping time: 11 - 12 workdays
Item no.: RP-BG-9258 Cordless Angle Grinder, 20V 1500 mAh Li-ion
Currently not in stock. Shipping time: 11 - 12 workdays

Battery-powered tools: For accurate workshop equipment

If you want to tighten a screw quickly, you are faced with the first big problem: no socket far and wide. Even the cable drum is hidden in the tool shed under mountains of bits and pieces. With the battery-powered tools from our online range, such problems are a thing of the past - and even the notorious cable tangle is now a thing of the past. Practical, handy and yet powerful, the RP-TOOLS cordless tools are the right choice for your workshop.

As an experienced specialist dealer for professional workshop equipment, we carry everything you need for everyday tasks in a car repair shop, from cordless screwdrivers to battery-powered cartridge presses to polishing and grinding tools.

Short charging times, long running times and great power: cordless screwdrivers

In a car workshop, many jobs are involved that can hardly be done without reliable electric tools. Whether drilling, milling, sawing, grinding, cutting or screwing: Electronically operated tools quickly put their manual predecessors in the shade. But what if all sockets are occupied by the connections of important machines? With so many tools, extension cables and multiple sockets often don´t help. The wireless and uncomplicated solution? Battery-powered tools.

They are small, light and promise complete freedom of movement. And the best? The cordless tools don´t have to hide behind the performance of their mains-powered competitors. Thanks to modern battery technology, the impact wrenches, drills and grinders for occasional use are transformed into enduring and powerful everyday tools for professionals. With the right accessories, the tools can be sensibly expanded. Various attachments turn your cordless screwdriver into a true all-rounder. A spare battery allows longer use without interruptions, while quick chargers ensure efficient charging of empty batteries and allow quick replacement.

No more annoying cables that not only look unattractive but can also pose a dangerous tripping hazard. With the devices from the RP-TOOLS online shop, working quickly and independently of location is no longer a problem. Detach yourself from the short leash of annoying cables and browse through our assortment now.

Flexible, strong and reliable: Battery-powered tools

What is actually behind the wireless power packs?

Many devices are now available as battery-powered alternatives. This is due to new technologies such as lithium-ion technology. This technology ensures that the batteries can be charged at any time, discharge only slightly and deliver powerful performance at all times. They are also compact and extremely robust.

Regardless of whether the battery voltage is 10.8 or 36 volts: performance, functionality and flexibility are not only important in professional workshops. The battery-powered devices are also welcome guests for small manual work at home or in your own hobby workshop.