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Item no.: RP-BG-63502 Digital Battery Load Tester
Ready for shipment in ca. 9 days Shipping time: 11 - 12 workdays
Item no.: RP-BG-63500 Digital Battery Load Tester
Ready for shipment in ca. 9 days Shipping time: 11 - 12 workdays
Item no.: RP-BG-2189 Battery and charger system tester
Ready for shipment in ca. 9 days Shipping time: 11 - 12 workdays

Order battery tester and other accessories from RP-TOOLS

Are you sitting in your car and wondering why you can´t start the car? Why does the engine not give more than a hoarse gasp? Maybe the battery is dead, but what is the best way to check it? The answer is quite simple: with the battery testers from RP-TOOLS! We offer first-class battery testers in our online shop. This way you are on the safe side and can make sure that the batteries can still perform their service for a long time.

Battery testers - So your car does not run out of juice

Of course, you could easily take your car to a garage or have it towed away. But why make it so unnecessarily difficult for yourself? Car batteries can often be checked, repaired or replaced in the garage at home. Our digital battery testers can help you diagnose faults. But our car battery testers not only check the battery´s state of charge. You can also test the status of charging and starting systems. The three LEDs make it easy to find out how your battery, charging or starting system is doing. The digital battery testers are suitable for 12 V batteries with cold start current from 200 to 1000 amps.

Tester for car batteries - Durable and robust

Our testers for car batteries are characterized by a high durability. They have a chrome-plated steel housing and strong safety clamps. A slipping of the same is therefore impossible. The risk of injury tends towards zero when using this device. The testers also have a large, digital display on which the voltage conditions can be read off without any problems. With the three different LEDs you can see whether your battery is empty or defective (BAD), weak (WEAK) or OK.

Battery tester - Versatile use

With our battery testers you can not only test the voltage of your car battery. No, it also allows you to check the alternator: simply connect the tester to the battery or machine to be tested and you can see how well it works. The multilingual labelling on the battery testers prevents problems when operating the devices. The LEDs in red, yellow and green are an additional aid to understanding.

Tester for car batteries - fast results

The battery testers from our online shop stand out above all for their outstanding features: They deliver a precise and understandable result immediately after connection. The battery testers come to you in a practical and handy format. So you can easily transport and store them in your car. So you remain flexible in any case!

Testing batteries? - Only with the test devices from RP-TOOLS!

Have we been able to convince you of the quality of our battery testers? Are you looking for further accessories around car batteries? Then have a look at our jump leads & battery clamps or battery accessories. You will certainly find something for you there!

Do you have any further questions, suggestions or wishes concerning our product range? Then contact us today! The experienced team of RP-TOOLS is available for you in live chat, by phone, e-mail or personally at various locations. We look forward to hearing from you!