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Item no.: A-ZS-SX1308 Body turning device Body leveling platform Car Rotisserie 1400 kg
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Item no.: A-ZS-SX1305 Body turning device Body leveling platform Classic car lift Car Rotisserie 1000 kg
Available now! Shipping time: 2 - 3 workdays

Body Turning Devices: 360 degree mobility

They are the focal point of every workshop: lifts perform an important function in repairs, maintenance and other work around the vehicle. Especially in a professional workshop, testing laboratory and more, they are a prerequisite. The variety is great - and just as huge are the different needs. To help you find the right classic 2-post lift . Instead, this is a device specifically for individual body parts. If the parts are too heavy, they are usually placed in the device using a motor crane or other means. Now the body only needs to be fastened: this can be done either directly on the body or on a mounting frame.

After successfully attaching and balancing the body, the frame can now easily be rotated by hand. If you want to edit a particular page or location, you can determine the turning device in the right place. You get full access to the fixed components and can easily carry out maintenance, restoration and repair work. Especially for painting and the like a holistic approach to the workpiece is required.

Benefit from your own body turntable

Despite the low cost, the body rotating device brings numerous advantages. Thus, this lift is not only ideal for professional workshops. Hobbyists get a cheap way to work professionally on vehicles and even small yachts. P>

For added convenience, our body turntables offer mobility: mounted on wheels, the frame can easily be moved back and forth. And if the device is not needed, it can be stowed quickly and save space. All you have to do is change parts. P>

Our body turners are made of high quality materials. We pay particular attention to a clean processing and first-class functionality. Invest in very durable workshop technology , the initial costs will pay off quickly. The respective load capacity and the maximum lifting height can be found on the product detail pages. For more information or open questions, please contact our Service - we will advise you on a suitable model. P >

Lifting equipment for every purpose h2>

Is the body turning device not the lift you are looking for? See our online shop for workshop equipment for a large selection of other lifting equipment. This ranges from classics such as column and scissor lifts to specialized equipment such as Achsfreihebern to extras such as rubber blocks and jackstands code. We are happy to assist you in your search: what do you value? How much room do you have in your workshop? What is the reason for this purchase? Click through our assortment or get detailed advice. Together we will find an optimal solution for you. P>