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Cleaning systems for a professional workshop

If you think of a workshop, you often imagine first and foremost a chaotic hall with all kinds of equipment, tools, car parts and even more spare parts, marked by disorder and oil stains and other dirt brought by cars. But this is not the standard and also rather rarely the case. Whether hobbyist or professional workshop ? everyone has his own order and this is also necessary to carry out his work efficiently. The cleaning of equipment and individual parts is also regularly on the agenda. With the help of suitable cleaning systems, you can easily remove oil and other dirt from the parts and thus make it easier for you to see the piece in question. Repair work or installation is all the easier.

With professional equipment, every handyman not only makes a professional impression, but also works much more economically. You will find a wide variety of cleaning systems. Of course, we also have a wide range of products for you in our online shop. From simple pressure sprayers and vacuum cleaners to large parts washers, you will find high-quality cleaning systems for your needs.

Which cleaning systems are necessary in a workshop?

Of course, this depends primarily on the type of cleaning you do in your workshop. While in a professional workshop you carry out a wide range of repair work and the like, in a hobby workshop it may well be limited to certain activities. However, if you want to be prepared for all situations, you should gradually acquire all the important equipment for cleaning parts.

Little helpers in every workshop

As already mentioned, this already starts with simple pressure sprayers. These are spray bottles in various designs ? whether as compressed air spray bottle or pump bottle. Pump bottles are particularly popular. As an extension, you will find a spiral hose in our range for workshop technology, which you can easily connect to the corresponding bottle.

To be able to clean the various individual parts properly, you need a large repertoire of brushes. Depending on your needs, this should range from simple hand brushes to a washing basket for small parts to brush attachments in various designs. Before the individual use, make sure that the brush material is really suitable for the respective small part. Nylon, for example, can be used very well with softer materials such as aluminium and brass. Steel is ideal for derusting.

These little helpers are best complemented by other accessories such as sponges, cleaning rags and more. Of course, these should not be missing in any hall and are most frequently used in everyday life. Remove stubborn insect stains or wipe off excess water ? for example on the windscreen ? with the help of a water squeegee. The soft silicone makes the squeegee particularly gentle and can be easily used on all surfaces.

Partial washers for the big entrance

Of course, there are already entire devices in the field of workshop technology that make the cleaning of individual parts much easier. In the category partial washing appliances you will find everything that the heart of a car handyman desires - from amateur to professional. Here you will find part washers in different dimensions ? from the small handy version to a huge table with a built-in tub that holds 150 litres. Depending on your needs, you can obtain additional functions such as a pump or you can supplement your equipment yourself with a washing brush.

Holistic cleaning through systems in your workshop

Complete your hobby hall or replace your worn out cleaning systems at any time with professional products of high-quality brands. If you have any questions about our range of products, please do not hesitate to contact our service department. We will also be happy to discuss any other concerns you may have ? please contact us by phone or e-mail. We look forward to hearing from you!