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In workshops and test centers, the regular inspection of individual components is part of the daily work routine, in addition to the repair and maintenance of vehicles. Almost everything can be tested here: Whether tire pressure, oil quality or the cooling circuit. A particular challenge here is usually the comparative measurement of the pressure conditions in the individual combustion chambers of engines. This testing of the compression pressures is carried out with the aid of a so-called compression pressure tester.

Correct use of compression pressure testers

If you want to check the compression pressure, there are a few important aspects to consider in advance:

  • The test should only be carried out at the engine´s operating temperature.
  • The electronic ignition system must be switched off.
  • All spark plugs must be removed and the engine must be briefly run through with the starter. This allows combustion residues to escape.

After the compression of the cylinders has been checked, any anomalies can provide information about possible causes of faults. For example, if the measured pressure is less than 6 bar in petrol engines, or 12 bar in diesel engines in all cylinders, it can be assumed that the engine is worn evenly.

Possible fault diagnoses after compression testing

If the compression pressures in the individual cylinders differ, it is possible to determine the cause of the pressure loss by injecting some engine oil into the combustion chamber. If the compression pressure increases during a subsequent measurement, there is wear on the cylinder wall or on the piston rings. If, on the other hand, there is no increase in compression pressure, valves or the cylinder head gaskets may be damaged.

If, instead, the compression pressure tester measures an equally high compression pressure in two adjacent cylinders, but this is considerably lower than that in the other cylinders, a crack in the cylinder head or a leaking cylinder head gasket between the two cylinders may be the cause.

Compression tested - And then?

If a leak is detected in the cylinder chamber after a compression pressure test, the question of the further procedure is quickly clarified: a pressure loss test is the next logical step. Here too, the correct procedure must be followed when testing the respective cylinders. The pressure loss testers in the online shop of RP-TOOLS enable you to handle them quickly and easily.

Conclusions on error causes

Even after or during a pressure loss test, the resulting noise and air bubbles can be used to draw initial conclusions about possible causes of faults. For example, blowing noises in the exhaust pipe or collecting suction pipe usually indicate a leaking inlet or outlet valve. Blowing noises at the oil filler neck or dipstick opening, on the other hand, indicate leaks due to wear of pistons, piston rings and cylinder liners or a defective cylinder head gasket. If air bubbles can be seen in the radiator filler neck or blowing noises can be heard in the spark plug opening of the adjacent cylinder, cracks in the cylinder head can be blamed in addition to a leaking cylinder head gasket.

The consequences of too little compression

You wonder what exactly the consequences of too little compression can be? First and foremost, performance, cold start behaviour, oil and fuel consumption depend on the compression pressure. Too little pressure usually makes itself felt through these consequences:

  • a difficult start of the engine,
  • uneven engine running,
  • one or more cylinders do not function / do not function properly,
  • a clearly audible bang in the inlet or outlet area,
  • an increased fuel consumption
  • and / or a pressure increase in the cooling system.

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