Computerized Diagnostics
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Reliable car diagnostic devices from RP-TOOLS

Whereas numerous repairs on different vehicles used to be relatively easy to carry out in the past, manufacturers today are constantly looking for new ways to tie vehicle owners to their authorised workshops. Although errors in the cockpit are indicated by warning lights or messages from the on-board computer, real diagnosis is sometimes difficult. This can be remedied by a car diagnostic device which reads the error memory from the car control unit. In this way, independent workshops, test centres and hobby screwdrivers can also obtain a reliable diagnosis and get to the bottom of the causes of faults.

Areas of application for your error readout device

Whether it is a fault in the lambda sensor, problems with the catalytic converter, combustion misfiring or the function of the exhaust gas recirculation - all these functions and many other data are recorded by the vehicle control unit. With a diagnostic device from RP-TOOLS, you can have problems in the vehicle systems read out and obtain essential information about the function of a vehicle and its potential defects.

The so-called On-Board-Diagnosis (OBD) serves solely as a diagnostic system for vehicles. The data of this system comes mainly from the monitoring of all those systems that have an influence on exhaust gases while driving. There are also other central control units that are monitored by the vehicle system. In addition, the control computers for the airbag, the anti-lock braking system ABS and the anti-skidding system, ESP, continuously measure data via sensor systems. For example, the position of the front wheels, the current vehicle speed or lateral acceleration are recorded.

But that´s not all: data on the alternator, battery charge, air supply and engine function are also monitored continuously. Any faults that occur can be indicated by indicator lights in the cockpit and stored in the relevant control unit. These faults can later be queried by a vehicle diagnostic device via a standardized interface in the vehicle.

Car diagnostic devices Variants

An error readout device can basically function in two different ways. The first variant is essentially software that you install on a personal computer or notebook. An OBD diagnostic cable is then used to establish a connection between the notebook and the vehicle. The diagnostic values can thus be read out on the notebook. Alternatively, these devices are also available with a practical Bluetooth interface, which makes it unnecessary to move the computer around. Depending on the device, the read-out data can be sent directly to a notebook or temporarily stored in a memory for later analysis.

Automotive diagnostic devices and ODB-2

In modern vehicles, the interfaces for reading out the faults are now standardised. This standardization is known as ODB-2, which means that the collected data can also be evaluated in a uniform form. In order to simplify the reading out and analysis of the stored faults, the fault codes and their meaning were clearly defined and specified within the framework of ODB-2. Now all you have to do is connect your vehicle diagnostic device to the CARB socket (OBD-2 diagnostic socket) in the motor vehicle and the recorded errors will be displayed to you in uniform error codes.

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