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Sanding machines from RP-TOOLS: The right sanding

Anyone who has ever dealt with the painting of car body parts will have noticed that the preparation takes up a large part of the time. Because good preparation is the most important starting point for a flawless paint job. If time, effort and costs are saved at this point, the final result suffers. To ensure that the fresh paint adheres well to the old paintwork and that the vehicle can then shine in new splendour, the surface to be treated must first be thoroughly sanded. A sanding machine carries out sanding work quickly and conveniently - and should therefore not be missing in any professional workshop. In the online shop of RP-TOOLS you will find everything you need for the repair of the paint: from paint stands to professional sandblasting equipment and dent removal tools.

With sanding machines for fine sanding - Even for large surfaces

A stone chip and larger scratches can destroy the paint of a vehicle down to the bare metal. Even dust and dirt cause many small scratches due to their abrasive effect during car washing, which make the paintwork look dull and dull. In order to restore the paint to its old shine and to enhance the appearance of the beloved mobile base, the area to be treated must first be thoroughly sanded.

Sanding paper, sanding stones and sanding discs are probably familiar to everyone and are used daily, especially in car workshops. Even hobby screwdrivers use the versatility of the different sanding methods for painting results that are quite impressive. They remove dirt, rust, grease, old paint and silicone residues from the damaged area and pave the way for a flawless paint finish. Sanding machines are particularly suitable for large-area use and their easy handling makes everyday work much easier. With the high quality machines from RP-TOOLS you can deliver perfect painting results to your customers.

With these tips for perfect sanding results

  • Always grind in several passes and work your way slowly.
  • Start with a coarse grain and use a finer abrasive with each pass.
  • Pay attention to the degree of grit. The rule of thumb is: the higher the grit value, the finer the abrasive - and the smoother the result in the end.
  • Pay attention - especially when sanding wood - to the direction of sanding.
  • Wear protective clothing. Protective goggles and dust mask must not be missing during sanding due to the formation of dust.
  • Take care of your sanding machine. Wearing parts such as the abrasive should be replaced at regular intervals in order to maintain a perfect working result.

Order sanding machines and accessories online now at RP-TOOLS

It goes without saying that the grinding machines and the matching accessories from our online range meet our high requirements for quality and material safety. Reliable, versatile and mobile, they can be used for various work steps - and enable efficient and safe work. Are you looking for additional equipment for your car workshop? With RP-TOOLS you are at the right address. You will find an extensive selection of equipment, spare parts and consumables.

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