Hearing Protection
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Hearing protection: when it gets loud it has to be

Occupational safety includes hearing protection in addition to safety glasses and proper work clothing. Many people often underestimate hearing protection and pay little attention to it. Often this is observed on construction sites, where activities are carried out that bring a very high noise, but are performed without hearing protection. Although sometimes it seems tiresome to wear the right protective clothing, it is extremely important for your health, so that organs, such as the ear, are not damaged.

Especially hearing protection is often perceived as unpleasant, for example, because it presses or itches, because sounds and speech with hearing protection sound quieter and simply different or because you can sweat under it. Often, however, this is due to the wrong selection of hearing protection. In addition, you have to get used to hearing protection at the beginning. In addition, it must always be kept clean, so that no dirt gets into the ear and cause inflammation there. Nevertheless, ear protection is important for ear health.

Without proper hearing protection, high noise work can result in hearing loss that is not curable and irreversible. It may also cause other diseases or a tinnitus.
In addition, noise affects the brain and the psyche, causing stress, anger, nervousness and impaired performance.

For this reason, noise must always be prevented and avoided wherever possible. If this is not possible, ear protection must be used.

Different hearing protection types for different applications

In the field of hearing protection, there are different types of hearing protection, which are used depending on the field of application and necessity.

One of these types of hearing protection is the ear muffs. A ear muff consists of a soundproofing casing externally attached to the ear or around the ear.

Such hearing protection is advantageous if it has to be removed and replaced often, for example, if the noise is only temporary or if you move between the noise source and noise-free rooms back and forth.

It is also advisable to use ear muffs when ear plugs are not tolerated or perceived as too uncomfortable, for example because of too narrow ear canals - or for other reasons.

This ear protection is also well suited if dirt or particles stick to your hands during work. However, it is not recommended to wear earmuffs at very high temperatures and high humidity levels or when locating sound sources is important. In this case, ear plugs should be worn.

Occupational safety of RP-TOOLS

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