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hearing protection: when it gets loud he must be

In addition to protection of the eyes and the right work clothing for some jobs, hearing protection is also part of occupational safety. Hearing protection is often underestimated by many people and is not held in high regard. This can often be observed on construction sites where activities are carried out that involve a very high level of noise but are carried out without hearing protection. Even if it sometimes seems annoying to wear the right protective clothing, it is extremely important for your health so that organs such as your hearing are not damaged.


straight hearing protection is often perceived as unpleasant, for example because it pinches or itches, because sounds and speech sound quieter and simply different with hearing protection, or because you can sweat under it. However, this is often due to the wrong choice of hearing protection. In addition, especially at the beginning, you often have to get used to hearing protection. It must also always be kept clean so that no dirt gets into the ear and causes inflammation. Nevertheless, hearing protection is important for ear health.

Without suitable hearing protection, working under high noise levels can lead to a hearing loss that cannot be healed and is irreversible. Other diseases or a tinnitus can also develop.

Noise also affects the brain and the psyche, causes stress, annoyance, nervousness and impairs performance.

Noise also affects the brain and the psyche, causes stress, annoyance, nervousness and impairs performance.

Noise must therefore always be prevented and avoided as far as possible. If this is not possible, hearing protection must be used.

Different types of hearing protection for different applications

In the field of hearing protection there are different types of hearing protection, which are used depending on the area of application and necessity. One of these types of hearing protection is the capsule ear protection. A capsule hearing protection consists of a shell with a noise-absorbing effect, which is attached to the outside of the ear or around the ear.

Such hearing protection is advantageous if it has to be removed and put back on frequently, for example, if the noise exposure is only temporary or if you move between the noise source and noise-free rooms.

It is also advisable to use earplugs with capsules if earplugs are not tolerated or are perceived as too unpleasant, for example because the ear canals are too narrow or for other reasons.

This hearing protection is also suitable if dirt or particles stick to the hands during work. However, it is not recommended to use capsule ear protection at very high temperatures and high humidity or when the location of sound sources is important. In this case ear plugs should be worn.

Occupational safety of RP-TOOLS

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