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Item no.: RP-BG-3641 Safety Helmet with Visor and Ear Protection
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Item no.: RP-BG-3640 Safety Helmet - blue
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Protective helmets: the most important body part is the head

The head is the most important part of the body. You can walk around headless once, but only in the proverbial sense. Otherwise the head is an indispensable part of the body. For this reason it is absolutely important to protect the head from danger. This does not only apply to martial arts or motorcycling, but especially to all work where the head can be endangered, for example on a construction site by falling parts. If work is carried out there and there is a risk of falling parts or other mechanical shocks from objects, a safety helmet must always be worn.

In the construction sector, a so-called construction helmet, also called industrial safety helmet, is the right choice. It is designed to protect against external forces caused by mechanical impacts and should comply with the standard DIN EN 397. This standard includes a vertical shock absorbing effect of the helmet as well as the defence and resistance against pointed and sharp objects. In addition, such a safety helmet must be flame-resistant and contain a mechanism at the attachment on the chin which releases the attachment at a minimum of 150 N and a maximum of 250 N. Some industrial safety helmets offer additional electrical insulation and are resistant to both heat and cold. However, these properties are not mandatory in the EN 397 standard and are also superfluous for many activities.

A safety helmet is also very important in other areas, such as during welding, when welding spatter is produced. Then a welding helmet must be worn.

Protective helmets should always fit comfortably and not cause any pressure points.

In addition to pure safety helmets, there are also combinations of safety helmet and hearing protection. We offer a helmet that offers both adjustable hearing protection capsules and a visor to protect the face. Such a helmet is needed wherever not only the head needs to be protected, but also where there is a high level of noise exposure and a danger to the face from splinters, particles, organisms or other influences on the face. At the same time the visor also reduces the incidence of light. This is necessary, for example, during forest work and in forestry, which is why this helmet combination is also called a forest helmet or forest safety helmet. Due to the use of chainsaws in forestry, there is often a lot of noise, especially here; flying wood splinters and branches that can hit your face make a visor additionally indispensable, as well as the safety helmet.

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RP-TOOLS offers in the area clothing and industrial safety besides safety helmets and welding protection also protective goggles, as well as hearing protection, work gloves and general work clothing an.

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