Mobile Lifting Platforms

The new electro-hydraulic scissor lifts from RP-TOOLS set new standards in lifting technology.

With a lifting capacity of 3000 kg and ascertainable ramp, the lift is ideal for tire services to lift vehicles from small cars to vans.

  • For cars, trucks and vans
  • Maximum lifting height of 1000 mm
  • 3000 kg lift capacity of heavy vehicle lift
  • Hydraulic lifting system with two cylinders for powerful lifting
  • Includes steering aid for lifting heavy vehicles
  • Lockable ramp
  • Automatic unlocking of the security system
  • Emergency drain facility in case of power failure
  • Manual safety system when lifting the lift
  • Low floor space requirements, floor requirement only 150 mm concrete
Security Features
  • Emergency lowering system in case of power failure
  • Automatic unlocking of the security system
  • Air fuse
  • Hydraulic shut-off valves
  • Acoustic safety lock
  • Synchronization control
  • Anti-trap protection according to EN standard
  • Overload valve
  • Lowering safety devices
  • Automatic latching
Variations in:
  • Voltage
Shipping weight:
610,00 kg
Item weight:
600,00 kg
€ 2.519,99 - € 2.579,99 *
Must be ordered. Ready for shipment in 80 days after order.
Maximum weight of the vehicle 2500 kg.
A jack with hydraulic cylinder to achieve height and progressive slope smoothly.
Equipped with mechanical safety and a check valve on the hydraulic cylinder.
Shipping weight:
90,00 kg
Item weight:
89,00 kg
€ 1.942,99 *
Must be ordered. Ready for shipment in 60 days after order.
Delivery time: 62 - 63 Workdays
The new pneumatic-hydraulic scissor lifts from RP-TOOLS set new standards in the field of lifting technology.

Our RP-TS6000IT lift is a pneumatic-hydraulic, mobile lift with a lifting capacity of up to 2.5 tons. The latest model is specifically designed for both bodywork and professional workshops. Thanks to a space-saving design, our lift is ideal for use in garages and rooms of low height.

In addition to its ease of use and handling, it also offers maximum flexibility.

The built-in wheels make it extremely mobile, agile and easy to maneuver. The lift can be used both longitudinally and transversely, which significantly extends the range of applications.

The lift is powered by a high quality hydraulic pump (Made in Italy). For this purpose, a simple compressed air connection (compressor for pneumatic-hydraulic drive) is sufficient.

  • Suitable for cars, trucks and vans
  • Maximum lift height with adapters of 1025 mm
  • 2500 kg lifting capacity for heavy vehicles
  • Powerful 16 t hydraulic cylinder for powerful lifting
  • Small underwing height of only 125 mm, also suitable for lowered vehicles
  • Carrying plate can be quickly adjusted in height by means of a rotating system
  • High quality pneumatic unit with comfortable foot control
Security Features
  • Deadman switch, lift and lower only possible while operating the foot pedal
  • Mechanical support using safety nuts
Shipping weight:
327,60 kg
Item weight:
275,20 kg
€ 1.849,99 *
Available immediately
Delivery time: 2 - 3 Workdays

For lifting vehicles on the mature and stable points in the sill area.

Lift loads such as heavy workpieces, packages or objects on tables, bumper or in vehicles.

Shipping weight:
90,00 kg
Item weight:
85,00 kg
€ 1.439,99 *
Low stock level
Delivery time: 2 - 3 Workdays

Mit rein mechanischem Hebermechanismus, Antrieb mittels elektrischer Bohrmaschine.

Anwendung bei 99% aller PKW´s, Pickups, Off Roads, Vans, Minibussen. Geeignet für alle mechanischen Arbeiten, Karosserie Werkstätte, Lackarbeiten, Vorführungen, Ausstellungen, Autowaschanlagen, Reifenservice.

Variations in:
  • Colour
Shipping weight:
44,00 kg
Item weight:
43,00 kg
€ 1.259,99 *
Must be ordered. Ready for shipment in 30 days after order.

Seitlicher mechanischer mobiler Heber mit verschiedenen Adaptern

Shipping weight:
73,00 kg
Item weight:
72,00 kg
€ 1.199,99 *
Must be ordered. Ready for shipment in 30 days after order.
Delivery time: 32 - 33 Workdays

Seitlicher mechanischer mobiler Heber mit verschiedenen Adaptern

Shipping weight:
70,00 kg
Item weight:
69,00 kg
€ 1.099,99 *
Goods ordered. 2 pcs. expected on 18.01.2022.
Delivery time: 3 - 4 Workdays

Our mobile car jack RP-JH-0003 is particularly suitable for garages thanks to its high degree of mobility, but also for all kinds of services.

It can be used in even the smallest spaces and is characterized by its ease of use.

  • Easy to use
  • Fits through an uncomplicated storage in every garage
  • No mandatory revision required for commissioning
  • Also applicable for very low sports cars
  • Efficient lifting of heavy loads in no time
  • Driven by drilling machine
  • No engine or hydraulics needed
  • Waterproof construction
  • Completely maintenance-free
Shipping weight:
20,00 kg
Item weight:
17,00 kg
€ 479,99 *
Must be ordered. Ready for shipment in 30 days after order.
Delivery time: 32 - 33 Workdays

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Ready for use at any time with mobile lifting platforms

Flexible on the road, always prepared with the right tools and prepared for every eventuality. Mobile lifts are true artists when it comes to spontaneous repairs or quick tyre changes. The resources are not always available to take the car to the next garage in a cumbersome way. In many cases it is much easier when the workshop comes by. With mobile stages this is now possible without any problems. They are not only suitable as the perfect partner for professional garages. This type of stage is also more than just advantageous for the hobbyist in private use.

Mobile lifting platform as a perfect working aid

As a hobbyist you may not always have enough space in your own garage. Those who are a little more limited in their space options clearly benefit from a mobile stage. As the heart of every workshop, it should not be missing in a hobby garage. The best of the mobile models: They can be moved flexibly, do not take up much space and fit in very well even in small workshops. The only requirement for safe work on the mobile car platform is a level surface.

Even in a professional workshop the mobility of a lifting platform can be worth its weight in gold. Let´s assume your car lifts are fully occupied and there is still a vehicle coming. With a mobile lifting platform you can set the vehicle down on stands, lower the platform again and have it free again.

RP-TOOLS offers in its online assortment beside other lifting techniques also the mobile lifting platform in different versions. Depending on the available space and purpose, we have different models such as the mobile scissor lift ready for you. Please feel free to have a look around and explore our variety. You will find further information on the individual models on the respective product detail page. If you would like to find out more about a particular model or topic relating to mobile lifting technology, please contact our specialist staff. We will be pleased to help you and support you on your way to the purchase and beyond.

Lifting platforms for mobile use on the road

From a professional point of view, mobile car lifts support your workshop mainly in its efficiency to assist the customer and to quickly carry out small repairs or other processes. So if a customer calls because his car has broken down due to a flat tyre, it is not necessarily necessary to tow the car away at great expense. Instead, meet your customer with a mobile lifting platform. This also applies, of course, to other small repairs where you do not need your entire workshop. Set new standards for a customer-oriented workshop.

Car jacks are a more compact alternative to these lifting platforms. These are limited to lifting only one side of the car and therefore require less space than lifting platforms. However, the weight is shifted to only one side. In the best case you decide individually for each application which of the two alternatives is the better solution.

Lifting technology for every purpose

For those who attach particular importance to flexibility, our mobile car lifts are just the right thing. But if you want to cover more areas, this platform can quickly reach its limits. If you want to offer your customers the best solutions and efficient work, you should even use several different platforms depending on the space available.

For wheel alignment, special scissor lifts are wonderfully suitable. If you also offer repairs on two-wheelers, you should in any case have a motorcycle lift. With a 4-post lift you can do nothing wrong with heavy vans. These are extremely stable and robust.

Of course, our selection goes much further. We absolutely rely on high-quality manufacturers who are experts in their field. But also with our own brand we would like to support you in making the right choice and share our expertise with you. Take a look for yourself and find the right lifting technology for your hobby garage or professional workshop.