Mobile Lifting Platforms
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Item no.: RP-CO-BSR Hebebühne Spengler hydraulisch mobil 3,0t, Air, Höhe: 0,92 m - Fahrbar mit Auto (OFFEN)
Ready for shipment in ca. 17 days Shipping time: 19 - 20 workdays
  • Variations in: VoltageVoltage
Item no.: RP-R-8500P_VAR Hydraulic scissor lift, mobile OF 3 t, 230/400 V, H: 1 m - RP-8500P M10
Available now!
Item no.: RP-CO-MINILIFT Jacks Hydraulic Minilift Jacks
Ready for shipment in ca. 14 days Shipping time: 16 - 17 workdays
Item no.: RP-W-TS6000IT Mobile, hydraulic lift, OF, 2.5 t, AIR, H: 1.02 m - RP-TS6000IT
Available now! Shipping time: 2 - 3 workdays
Item no.: RP-CO-EASYLIFT3000 Mobile crick lift hydraulic mobile 3,0t, Air, high: 0,99 m - EASY LIFT300
Short supply. Shipping time: 2 - 3 workdays
  • Variations in: ColourColour
Item no.: RP-JH-AUTOLIFT3000_VAR Mobile lifting platform mechanical mobile jack
Available now!
Item no.: RP-JH-EASYLIFT1500-CO Mobile wheel grab Sprengler lift side mechanical mobile lift with drill 230 V, 1200 W
Ready for shipment in ca. 30 days Shipping time: 32 - 33 workdays
Item no.: RP-JH-EASYLIFT1500-EC Mobile wheel grab Spengler lift side mechanical mobile lift without drill
Short supply. Shipping time: 2 - 3 workdays
Item no.: RP-JH-0003 jack Up & Down mobile lift
Available now! Shipping time: 2 - 3 workdays

Always ready for use with mobile lifts

Flexible on the move, always prepared with the right tools and prepared for every situation. Mobile lifts are true artists when it comes to spontaneous repairs or quick tire changes. Not always the resources are available to bring the car cumbersome to the nearest workshop. In many cases it is much easier when the workshop comes by. This is now easily possible with mobile stages. They are not just the perfect partner for professional workshops. Even for the amateur hobbyist in private use, this kind of stage is more than just beneficial.

Mobile lift as a perfect work aid

As a hobbyist you might not always have enough space in your own garage. Those who are a little more limited in their spatial possibilities, clearly benefit from a mobile stage. As the centerpiece of any workshop, it can not be missing in a hobby garage. The best thing about the mobile models: they can be relocated flexibly, do not occupy much space and even fit very well into small workshops. The only requirement for safe work on the mobile vehicle stage is a level surface.

Even in a professional workshop, the mobility of a lift can be worth gold. Suppose your lifts are fully occupied and there is still a vehicle. With a mobile lift, you can set the vehicle down on racks , then lower the stage and release it again.

In addition to other lifting techniques, RP-TOOLS also offers the mobile lift in various versions in its online range. Depending on available space and purpose, we have different models for you like the mobile scissor lift for you. Take a look around and explore our diversity. Further information on the individual models can be found on the respective product detail page. If you would like to find out more about a particular model or topic relating to mobile lifting technology, please do not hesitate to contact our specialist staff. We are happy to help and support you on your way to a purchase and beyond.

Lifting platforms for mobile use on the move

From a professional point of view, mobile vehicle lifts help your workshop to be at your side, helping you to quickly carry out small repairs or other processes. So calls a customer because his car has stopped due to a flat tire, it is not essential to tow this car until expensive. Instead, come to your customer with a mobile lift. Of course, this also applies to other small repairs where you do not need your entire workshop. Set new standards for a customer-oriented workshop.

A more compact alternative to these lifts is Jacks . These are limited to lifting and using just one side of the car For this reason, less space than lifts. However, this will shift the weight to only one side. In the best case, you decide for each application individually which of both alternatives is the better solution.

Lifting equipment for every purpose

For those who value flexibility, our mobile vehicle lifts are exactly the right choice. But if you want to cover more fields, then this stage can quite quickly reach their limits. If you would like to offer your customers best solutions and efficient work, you should even resort to several different stages, depending on the space.

For wheel alignment, special scissor lifts are great. If you also offer repairs on two-wheelers, you should always have a motorcycle lift . With a 4-pillar stage you do not go wrong with heavy vans. These are extremely stable and robust.

Of course, our selection goes much further. In doing so, we definitely rely on high-quality manufacturers who know their trade. But even with our own brand, we want to support you in the right selection and share our expertise with you. Take a look for yourself and find the right lifting technology for your hobby garage or professional workshop.