Oscillating Cutters

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Everybody knows this situation: A car windshield has to be replaced due to an accident or a simple rock fall. Normally, this is an effort that should not be underestimated. In order to replace the corresponding glass pane, a well-equipped workshop needs a compressed-air glassworker. This is where RP-TOOLS comes into play. Because in our range you will find a high-quality oscillating cutter with matching accessories! Click through our online shop today and order the glazing tool. With it your work will be a piece of cake!

Glass-out tool - What is it actually?

An oscillation cutter or compressed air glazing tool is a cutting device with which glued vehicle windows can be cut out safely and comfortably. Oscillating cutters can work with wire or be operated by compressed air. Depending on the situation, different blades are also supplied. If you work with a compressed air glass cutter, steam can be produced when cutting through bondings. For these cases the oscillation tools have an exhaust valve. An oscillation cutter is usually quite noisy, which is why most tools now also have a noise reduction. Likewise, the air outlet via a connected exhaust air hose is now silenced. In the end, the tool is therefore not (any more) louder than a dentist´s drill.

Blades for oscillating cutters - A sharp thing

Like any specified tool that is used almost daily, a glassworker using compressed air needs new blades again and again. Just like a car needs new tyres, a new tank filling or new oil after frequent use. Usually a set of different blades for different cases is supplied directly with the purchase of an oscillating cutter. Like almost any other tool, suitable accessories and spare parts can be obtained for air blowers.

For safe, effective work - glass blowers from RP-TOOLS

In a workshop, handling potentially dangerous tools is part of everyday life. Accordingly, it is important that they are used with suitable equipment to ensure safe working conditions. For this reason, safety levers are normally integrated to prevent unintentional starting. Effective working is now also possible with one hand because oscillating cutters are now manufactured accordingly. In order to be able to work directly, appropriate mounting tools for the (replacement) blades are usually also supplied. So you see: When you buy a glass-cutting tool, you are not left alone. We at RP-TOOLS are also your contact when it comes to qualitative workshop equipment.

RP-TOOLS - Your first choice for workshop equipment

In our online shop you will find oscillating cutters as well as other pneumatic tools for setting up your professional or private workshop. You will also find electrical and battery equipment, clothing and work protection or other tools. The wide product range of RP-TOOLS convinces all along the line. Take a look around our online shop and contact us today!