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Item no.: RP-BG-9931 10.8 V Cordless Drill, with 2 Li-Ion batteries
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Item no.: RP-BG-9162 Electric Drill Wobble Adaptor Set - 6.3 mm (1/4) Drive - 3 pcs.
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Drilling machines from RP-TOOLS - Drill every hole with them

You would like to pierce metal parts with your eyes? Spare your eyes - just use the RP-TOOLS drilling machines instead. No matter if stone, metal or wood: With our drills you can drill through anything in no time at all. No matter how hard car body parts are - clean drill holes are no problem.

First-class drilling machines for perfect drilling results

Many faux pas can happen to you with a lower quality drill. Holes are drilled dirty, sharp edges appear or the drill is even too weak to deepen the desired hole. Do not be satisfied with such results. This cannot happen to you with our drills. They are the perfect support for all your drilling work - like Jolly Jumpers for Lucky Luke. Once you have the reins in your hands, you won´t want to stop drilling.

Drills for all purposes at RP-TOOLS

But what makes a good drill that won´t let you down even when drilling challenging holes? The first question that arises here is what you need the drill for - at home, for your hobby garage or for a professional workshop? Each area has different requirements for the strength of a drill. The following drilling machines are available:

  • Cordless drills
  • Impact drilling machines
  • Hammer drill
  • Drill screwdriver

Not all boreholes are the same Borehole

For the rare use at home a drill with lower impact energy is sufficient. For professional and frequent use in a workshop, machines with more impact energy are more suitable. In addition, you should consider whether you want to purchase a drill with battery operation or a power supply unit. Machines with a power supply unit can supply more power and are particularly suitable for working on more demanding materials such as metal. Cordless drills, on the other hand, are handier and more flexible, as they are not tied to a power outlet. However, they also have a lower performance due to the battery operation. The weaker the battery becomes, the lower the drilling power.

You do not like the holes you are drilling yet? Our customer service will be happy to advise you before you buy.

Suitable accessories for convincing results

In order to process materials exactly as desired, some accessories are indispensable. The drills themselves are different: Masonry drills, metal drills and wood drills each have a differently shaped tip. This allows each material to be drilled through perfectly. All drills are of course available in different sizes. So that you have the right drill size for every hole, you can purchase complete sets with different drills and sizes. Do you need additional equipment such as drill tilting adapters, additional batteries or bit sets? Browse through our online shop and convince yourself of our range of drills.

RP-TOOLS equips your workshop - with high level

What do you need for the next project in your hobby garage? Where is there still a lack of professional equipment in your commercial workshop? We at RP-TOOLS have set ourselves the task of making your work easier with our machines and equipment. From soldering tools to saws and angle grinders, you will find all the new products for your favourite work in our range of electrical and battery-powered equipment. Furthermore, we offer everything around workshop technology - at the highest level.

Do you have questions about our products? Contact us via chat, mail or telephone. Are you just in the vicinity? Perfectly! Then simply drop in at one of our locations in Germany or Austria. Alternatively, you can also take a look at our machines and equipment at our reference customers. Find the dealer near you here.