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Item no.: RP-BG-9393 Air Spray Bottle - Aluminium - 650 ml
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Compressed air sprayer: Practical and light

Pressure sprayers are small miracle devices that have to do a lot: An even mist of spray to evenly wet the work object. It should make no difference whether the compressed air sprayer is used for cleaning, rust protection or the like. A well-functioning pressure sprayer is essential in everyday work if the sometimes dangerous agents are to be used effectively and in the right dose.

For safety reasons, gloves and safety glasses should always be worn when using pressure sprayers. If necessary, even rubber boots and breathing protection. Always allow the pressure to escape through the safety valve before use, otherwise there is a considerable risk of injury.

Different spray patterns for each application

The outlet point of the used liquids is the nozzle. Depending on the type of compressed air sprayer, this can be influenced by turning or folding out an additional nozzle needle. In this way you obtain different spray patterns for different areas of application. In addition, the use of additional protective foils and screens is recommended to avoid transfer to undesired areas. For example, a folded-out spray needle also increases the range, which provides additional accuracy.

The main features of a pressure sprayer include

  • Suitable for spraying many different agents, such as rust protection, cleaning agents or rust removers. Also applicable in other areas.
  • Function with the aid of compressed air.
  • Built-in pressure relief valve prevents accidents.
  • High-quality spray bottles, for example made of aluminium.

Pressure sprayer with quality

The RP-TOOLS compressed air sprayers can be used in almost any situation without any problems. By using standard compressed air, the sprayer can also be used upside down and in hard-to-reach places. Whether in the engine compartment or on the rims - the pressure sprayer makes work easier for you and your employees on almost any surface. Even large-scale use is no longer a problem.

Like all products in the RP-TOOLS online range, the compressed air sprayers meet our high standards of material safety and quality. The shock-resistant aluminium housing of our sprayers also fits particularly well in the hand, as it follows a timeless and circumstance-free design. Set standards in your workshop and convince yourself of the robustness of our compressed air sprayers.

With a clear conscience: Manufactured by RP-TOOLS

In order to be able to offer you a consistently high quality of our goods, we manufacture almost all products that you find in our online shop ourselves. Starting with small tools, up to large and powerful lifting platforms. RP-TOOLS is your partner in the field of reliable workshop equipment. In addition, we not only deliver our products to your workshop door, we also train you and your employees in their use. If you need further assistance, we will be pleased to offer you an installation service.

Compressed air sprayers now online shopping

The online shop of RP-TOOLS offers you an extensive selection of many useful devices and tools for the daily use in workshops and test centers. In addition to compressed air sprayers, you will find almost everything you need for a smooth running of your daily work. Have a look at our engine diagnosis tools or find your suitable tyre balancing machine now.

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