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Reliable shunting car jacks from RP-Tools

Car jacks, no matter what type, must not be missing in any workshop, test centre or garage. Be it for repairs or just for alignment. Straight manoeuvring jacks, i.e. hydropneumatic or hydraulic jacks especially for manoeuvring heavy vehicles or trailers, are indispensable auxiliary equipment here. They are very easy to operate, safe to handle and work reliably even on not perfectly flat surfaces. So there are many good reasons to choose a shunting jack from RP-Tools.

In our online shop for workshop equipment we offer you, in addition to our extensive range of workshop equipment, basically two different designs: hydraulic and hydropneumatic jacks. These differ only in the way they transmit power, but not in their mode of operation. The simplest version of the shunting jack is the hydraulic.

Hydraulic technology for your workshop

Hydraulic shunting jacks are narrow, mobile and quickly ready for use. Their comparatively simple technology makes them inexpensive to purchase and very affordable even for small garages and private use. They are ideal for use with small and medium-sized cars and commercial vehicles and are often referred to as one of the most practical model variants.


The core element of this jack is its hydraulic press. This was already invented in the 19th century and has not changed significantly in its working principle until today. The hydraulic oil inside the jack is pressurized by a pumping movement. This pumping movement is often realized by a hand or toggle lever. The hydraulic oil under pressure now transfers the pressure to a lever arm which can lift the vehicle almost effortlessly.

Large technology in a small space

Another design of the shunting wagon is the hydropneumatic one. Originally developed for Citroen in the 1950s as a shock absorber, this special type of spring technology is now used in many different vehicles and auxiliary machines.

In its basic principle, the hydropneumatic spring is a gas pressure spring combined with a working cylinder. Due to its special design, it can combine the functions of a suspension and a shock absorber. The advantages of such a coupling are of course obvious. A space-saving and yet highly efficient solution that makes RP-Tools jacks truly professional devices.

Hydropneumatics: strength lies in peace

In its mode of operation, the hydropneumatic spring is similar to its hydraulic sister. The difference between the two is the additional use of a gas chamber. The cylinder for compressing the hydraulic oil is supplemented by a spring ball, in which oil and gas are separated from each other by a diaphragm. If the pressure on the oil in the cylinder is increased, the pressure on the gas in the gas chamber also increases, which forces the oil back into the cylinder as soon as possible. However, valves between the working cylinder and the spring ball restrict the flow of oil, which results in considerable vibration damping.

The following therefore applies when comparing the two lifting systems: Hydropneumatic shunting car jacks can work much more quietly than hydraulic car jacks due to their design. Hydraulic car jacks, on the other hand, are much more cost-efficient. If you need help in choosing the right lifting system for your workshop, contact us. In addition to professional lifting technology, you will of course also find cleaning systems, tools for engine diagnosis and testing technology and many other tools for your workshop in our extensive online shop.

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