Consultation / Sales

Due to the variety of different machines and their technical complexity, it is necessary to assist customers with advice and support. Therefore we are available for our customers by phone through our backoffice as well as our field reps.

Competent and objective customer advisory services are one of the key tasks of our company. Our decade-long experience and a range of over 15.000 workshop equipment products is your advantage.

Our company will also readily take over the complete planning of your workshop or project.

We realize your dream.


Due to their many years of experience, the specially trained staff from RP-TOOLS is in the position to carry out an optimum planning by adjusting to the conditions in a given situation.

The planning can include sections as well as the complete workshop. A well thought-out and competent planning saves you from man difficulties and is the foundation for your success!

Profit from our Know-How

For the installation of our quality products, we have a well-trained installation team at our disposal. You can rely on our "lads" - they know how to tackle the matter! The installation is promptly and competently carried out at the agreed date.

Ongoing training at our suppliers are a guarantee that our staff is at the latest level of the technological development. However, technology or not, our installation team never forgets that cleanliness and the friendly relationship with our customers too, are decisive for their satisfaction and our success.

Accurate and clean: our installation team works professionally, accurately and cleanly. At our construction sites we will not leave a mess and conscientiously remove installation material and dirt.

We guarantee.

To get to know our products, we regularly offer training courses for the safe and efficient use of the machines and tools. Attend a RP-TOOLS training course and take the opportunity to get informed by our qualified technical team. The goal is a working relationship to create an optimal quality in the areas of consultation and installation and a high confidence in our products.

We offer technical training for the following products:

  • 2 Post Lifts
  • Scissor Lifts
  • Tire Service
  • Compressors
  • Brake Testing Stands
  • Air-Conditioning Technology
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