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Item no.: RP-BG-8612 Digital Electronic Soldering Station
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Item no.: RP-BG-9942 Gas Soldering Torch Set
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Item no.: RP-BG-8495 Hot Air Gun - 2000 W
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Soldering iron and hot air dryer - Hot helpers for every workshop

Do you only know soldering irons for handicrafts from the past? When you think of a hairdryer, is hair your first thought? You thought wrong! Soldering irons and hot air blow dryers are real talents. No workshop should be without electrical appliances. Careful, it´s hot. Whether for connecting electronic parts, removing paint or for gluing processes - you can rely on hot air blow-dryers and soldering irons. Are you looking for a soldering iron or hot air dryer for your workshop? With RP-TOOLS you are at the right address. Browse through our online shop and choose the model that is suitable for your purposes.

Soldering iron - Which one do you need?

Not all soldering irons are the same. There are different models with different wattages. With a soldering needle, for example, particularly fine wires can be soldered well. In contrast to other soldering irons, soldering needles and fine soldering irons are rather small. That is why they are particularly large when it comes to soldering in confined spaces. They are used, for example, for soldering circuit boards - where a sure instinct is required.

What do you want to solder?

Universal soldering irons can be equipped with different soldering tips. So you are small all-rounders. However, as these irons are larger than fine soldering irons, you cannot get into smaller corners as easily. So if you know that you have to solder very finely, a fine soldering iron is the better choice. A universal soldering iron is perfect for occasional use in the hobby workshop. However, they quickly reach their limits when used extensively in commercial car forges. Here, large soldering irons with over 60 watts are predestined for coarser work on cables, batteries, etc. They are more robust and can solder larger surfaces faster. You won´t go wrong with an electronic soldering station either: it is ideal for electronics engineers, car electricians and in development and production. The temperature is electronically controlled. This ensures that the heat is constant.

What should you pay particular attention to when soldering?

It is important to remove all flammable materials from the immediate vicinity before starting. There should be a safe place for the soldering iron at the workplace. Perfect: a soldering iron holder. Here the soldering iron can be placed or hung up. During the soldering process, it is good to ventilate the workstation generously so that the fumes are not inhaled. Safety goggles are also an advantage. They provide reliable protection against solder splashes.

Hot air blow dryer - Heat up plastics, paint and co.

A hot air dryer? You do not know what you can do with it? Then get your hair dryer quickly - because it is a real talent in every workshop! It can be used for soldering, shrinking hoses and drying surfaces in no time at all. That´s not enough for you? Take a look at this:

With the help of a hot air blow dryer you can also

  • Deform plastics,
  • Joining plastics,
  • Accelerate bonding processes,
  • Remove old paint and
  • Heat engine and transmission parts for assembly.

But that´s not all - you can also use it practically outside typical workshop work: for example, to defrost iced-up door locks or to disinfect surfaces. A hot-air blow dryer is an absolute all-rounder and supports you both in your screwdriver garage and in the industrial workshop. RP-TOOLS hot-air blow-dryers are of high quality and heat up to 600° Celsius in no time. A hot matter!

Practically packed and always ready

The RP-TOOLS soldering irons and hot-air dryers come to you practically packed: In a handy case. The accessories also find their place here. No matter what the transport route - the tools are safely stowed away and won´t slip, even when subjected to strong vibrations. Even on a busy construction site, everything stays together in the handy case.

RP-TOOLS - Your partner in the field of workshop technology

Are you looking for high-quality workshop technology? No matter if hobby screwdriver or commercial workshop - at RP-TOOLS you will find everything for your car forge! Browse through our assortment and equip yourself with versatile equipment. From lifting technology to electrical appliances and factory equipment, you will find everything you need for your workshop. Would you like a personal consultation? No problem! Our customer service is happy to advise you - just contact us here.