Transmission Jacks
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Item no.: RP-BG-9233 Heavy Duty Transmission Jack - 500 kg
Ready for shipment in ca. 7 days Shipping time: 9 - 10 workdays
Item no.: RP-TI-GH1T Gear lifter motor lifter 1 level 1 t lifting height: 890-1930 mm RP-TOOLS professional
Available now! Shipping time: 2 - 3 workdays
Item no.: RP-BG-9239 Transmission Jack - 600 kg
Short supply. Shipping time: 2 - 3 workdays
  • Variations in: Lifting CapacityLifting Capacity ModelModel
Item no.: RP-MA-P_VAR Transmission jack motor lift loafers 0.25-1.5 t lifting height 860-1930 mm
Short supply.
Item no.: RP-BG-9232 Transmission Jack - 500 kg
Ready for shipment in ca. 7 days Shipping time: 9 - 10 workdays
Item no.: RP-TI-GH500-01 Gear lifter motor lifter 1 level 0.5 t lifting height: 1080-1880 mm RP-TOOLS professional
Available now! Shipping time: 2 - 3 workdays

Transmission jack for work on the heart of the vehicle

Frequently, a lift or similar may already be enough to handle the most common jobs to facilitate and facilitate a vehicle: repairs and maintenance on the Body are done quickly and the professional remains physically protected. But sometimes that is not enough and you need to get to the heart of the car: the engine or the transmission. Sensitive, big and heavy - be careful when working on the engine. If something goes wrong, the initial cost of a new model is very high. A Gear Lifter can help: It provides important support when removing the gearbox and makes subsequent repairs easier.

Find the right tool

Anyone who wants to set a professional foundation not only needs extensive and in-depth knowledge of the vehicles, but also the same amount of specialist knowledge about the tool. Which is best for which use? What distinguishes high-quality tools? Which tools are absolutely necessary? We are happy to assist you with the right selection. Here we would like to concentrate on the topic gearbox lifter. If you still have questions or are unsure feel free to contact us - we'll guide you through the final step to your new gearbox jack. And of course, if you would like to deal with other workshop technology , we'll be there to help.

Operation of a motorized lift

In terms of how it works, the gearbox jack can be easily compared to a motor crane : the sturdy frame is made up of supporting struts - usually six in number - on wheels. These provide the necessary flexibility of the transmission jack. At the head of the engine lift you will find a mounted chain, which makes an important contribution to the removal of the engine: Directly above the engine compartment - and thus above the engine - the end is led around the engine. When the hydraulic lift is activated, the engine is removed from the engine compartment without damage.

Before you start removing the motor, however, you should think about all the necessary preparations: For example, is the fixing screw in the engine compartment loosened? Failure to do so may cause serious damage to the transmission jack and the engine or transmission.

Possibilities of a gearbox jack

A high degree of flexibility is provided by the gearbox lifter thanks to its possible height adjustment. Thus, it can be individually adapted to the height of each vehicle. If the gearbox or the motor has been safely removed from the car, you can then carry out all work with the aid of the jack directly next to the motor - without first removing the components completely. This function offers a variety of possible uses of the motor lifter, which go beyond the classic use in professional workshops. For the following areas of vehicle production, vehicle maintenance and vehicle repair, the gearbox jack is therefore a very useful tool:

  • in workshops
  • in service and testing stations
  • for hobbyists for maintenance, repair or conversion
  • in tuning workshops (private as well as commercial)

Make the right decision

The variety of applications, brands and other factors have resulted in a huge selection of gearboxes on the market. But not every gearbox is always suitable for your application - both qualitatively and functionally. For this reason, you should be sufficiently familiar with the various models in advance. If you want to benefit from your motor lift for a long time, the cost factor should be of secondary importance. It is more important to answer the following questions:

  • What should be the maximum load?
  • What height should the transmission jack be able to reach?
  • For which vehicle types can it be used?
  • Do you prefer a classic or hydraulic lift?

In the RP Tools Shop Workshop Online Store we have already made an important pre-selection on quality for you. We offer you high quality products at fair prices.