Two Cylinder Lifting Device
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  • Variations in: Lifting CapacityLifting Capacity
Item no.: RP-PL-P2-K_VAR 2 pillars inground lift 3.2, 3.5, 5.0 t, Ø 90-125 mm, 400 V, H: 1900 mm with swivel arm attachment
Ready for shipment in ca. 25 days
Item no.: RP-PL-P2-35-19-R 2 pillars inground lift, 3,5 t, Ø 90 mm, 400 V, H: 1900 mm with repair mounts
Ready for shipment in ca. 25 days Shipping time: 27 - 28 workdays

2-post lift - absolute freedom

A lift is always required when performing work such as repairs and classic maintenance on the underbody of a vehicle. But it can also be helpful in other places if a lift raises the cart and the craft can be carried out in an ergonomic position. In the field of lifting technology you have a large selection at your disposal. In addition to simple column lifts, special motorcycle or Truck-mounted lifts you will find in our online shop the popular 2-post lifts.

Advantages of a 2-post lift

As the name implies, this special 2-post lift consists of two punches connected to a plate. When does the decision for a 2-post lift apply? Where do you convince and where are your limits?

The biggest benefit of the 2-post lift is full access to the car from every side. It looks different, for example, in the column lifts. Depending on the number of columns - one, two or four - the pages are blocked by these and make access difficult. Wheel alignment and other activities are child's play. This special design of the 2-ram lift - without much trapping - also allows the use even in small workshops. So you can make the most of every room.

Furthermore, the car can be driven quickly and without any problems or effort on the lift and lifted directly to the desired height. Depending on the model, the stamping platforms have other features such as swivel arms that can make your job much easier.

High safety with the right 2-ram lift

When choosing your 2-post lift, always pay attention to the maximum payload and the dimensions of the vehicles that you can lift with the platform. If they do not agree, your safety and that of all other employees or customers in the workshop can be endangered. Of course, this does not only apply to these models, but to any kind of lifting technology.

In addition, the correct installation of the 2-ram lift is essential for safe working. Of course, if you do not know how to set up this stage or if you prefer to leave it to professional and experienced hands, we will assist you. Book one of our service packages for delivery and installation. In addition, we offer special training on request, where you learn under the guidance of professionals themselves the correct installation of a lift. Take advantage of our service.

2-ram lifts for garages and hobbyists

As a professional workshop, it is important that you have complete workshop equipment. So you are well prepared for every emergency and every little repair. In addition, the right tools and accessories will make your job much easier and shorten the time-consuming task.

In any case, at least one lifting platform is an elementary component. Only larger workshops with a lot of space and a very good and constant order situation decide for two or more types of lifting technology. The 2-post lift is one of the most popular and popular lifts, as it offers many advantages and enables fast, efficient work without obstacles. But even as a hobbyist, the 2-ram lift is certainly an attractive option for easier work - especially because of the small footprint.

Have not you found the right product for your workshop yet? Then you are welcome to look in our other categories. Whether it's cheap 2-column lifts , practical Scissors or mobile stages on the go - the choice is big.

Buy 2-post lifts online

Our online shop for workshop technology offers you a wide range of workshop supplies: for the passionate hobbyist and the professional workshop, for small and large companies, for wheel alignment, for complete access to both sides and for further work. If you have any questions about our product range, feel free to contact our customer service. We will help you with any concerns regarding workshop equipment and provide extensive advice.