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Air conditioning service: Not only in demand during the warm season

Since the early days of the automotive industry, motor vehicles have been air-conditioned in one way or another. A big step in this development was the invention of the air conditioning system. It not only ensures good ventilation with fresh air in the mostly closed rooms of motor vehicles, but also dehumidifies them. This function is especially important when the windows are tarnished or fogged up. In addition, it filters air components and thus ensures a healthy driving environment, which should improve the driver´s ability to concentrate.

Air-conditioning service is therefore rightly one of the most significant service tasks of garages and repair service providers. In addition, the majority of repairs are due to improper use by the driver and are therefore often repeated. Above all, the misguided desire to save supposed operating costs often leads to considerable damage by completely shutting down the air conditioning and ventilation system.

Search for leaks in the air conditioning system

Successful air conditioning maintenance therefore naturally includes the search for possible leaks in the pipes of a car air conditioning system. Leak detectors are available in various shapes and designs especially for this purpose. Leak detection using forming gas provides very reliable information about any existing leaks in the hose system. The operation of such a system is very simple. The bottom line is that all required hoses are first connected according to instructions. In the next step, gas is already flowing in, and you then simply select the desired tolerance ranges on the control panel of the unit. Finally, you only have to wait for the result of the test. Even simple leak detectors generally work according to this procedure. However, if a leak is found, you will be informed by a display and an acoustic signal.

If no leak has been detected, you can simply continue with normal air conditioning maintenance. A/C service units make the work of the air conditioner suction and refrigerant refilling much easier.

The situation is different if a positive result was found during the leak detection. Here the next step is to find the leak. For this purpose, we also provide you with the appropriate contrast medium cartridges for your A/C service unit in our online range. By adding the contrast medium, leaks can now be easily detected using a UV lamp and protective goggles.

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