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Hoses and hose reels: Professionally tidy

Hoses and cables lying around do not only look unattractive. They also hold great dangers for all employees. One wrong step and you get to know the ground a little better - and in doing so, you may drag heavy tools with you or damage important cables. With a hose reel this problem is a thing of the past. Bye cable tangle. Goodbye tripping hazard. Goodbye hose chaos.

Order is half the battle - and that´s why it´s part of a professional car workshop. RP-TOOLS helps you to keep track: with our hose reels, cable reels and more.

Hose reels from the professionals: elegantly wrapped around your finger

The combination of order and time saving sounds too good to be true - but with a hose reel it is reality. It allows you to roll out any hose easily and then roll it back in again thanks to the automatic rewind mechanism. An annoying twisting in? A telephone cord effect? Not with our hose reels. Thanks to the drive spring, the system prevents the annoying twisting of the lines and quickly and easily keeps your workshop tidy.

It´s the little things in life. And so it´s the little things that give your workshop a professional and confident appearance. Manufactured from resistant and robust materials such as plastic or sheet steel, the hose reels can easily withstand the tough everyday life of a mechanic.

Hose reels for every application

In order to ensure that compressed air, water or oil can be safely conveyed to the place of use, the hoses must be adapted to the composition of the respective substances. At RP-TOOLS you will find hose reels for the following requirement areas:

Compressed air: Compressed air up to 12 bar can be easily transported using a hose reel. With a length of 30 meters you are flexible - without causing a lot of chaos. Even in combination with water, the compressed air reaches its destination safely via the hose reel. However, the water temperature should not exceed 60°C.

Gases: Gases are part and parcel of everyday work in an automotive workshop. Whether for welding or soldering work: there is no getting around the supply of acetylene and oxygen in such work. However, great care must be taken with highly flammable materials. The RP-TOOLS hoses seal everything reliably and can be easily rolled up again after use.

Permanently install hose reels

Do you prefer everything in your workshop to have a fixed place? Have you had enough of cable and hose reels lying around? Then our wall bracket is the right solution. Securely attached to the wall or ceiling, the hose reel can be swivelled in the desired direction as required. Even models without fastening mechanisms can be retrofitted. Thanks to the simple installation, you can quickly get your professional or private car workshop up to speed.

Workshop accessories from RP-TOOLS

In the online assortment of RP-TOOLS you will find hose reels, cable reels and other accessories to keep your workshop tidy. Do you need more tools? Browse through our wide range of products and complete your own professional assortment. From electrical or battery-powered equipment to consumables and occupational safety, you will find everything a mechanic´s heart desires at RP-TOOLS. Do you have any further questions? We will gladly answer them - whether by chat, e-mail or telephone.

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