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Clang, clang, hiss: An unfamiliar background noise in the car often announces upcoming welding work. A welding machine should not be missing in any professional workshop, but even hobby mechanics know how to handle the spark sprayer. Whenever a durable and resilient connection between metal workpieces is required, a welding device is used. There are also different models and designs for different jobs. Everything you need for welding - from the device to hoses, nozzles and other accessories - can be found in the online shop of RP-TOOLS.

The variety of welding machines

There are many different types of welding machines, but the principle behind them all is the same. Welding usually involves changing the shape of the raw material - it becomes slightly liquid and then acts as a joint between two metal, sheet metal or steel plates. When it cools, the molecules of the material unite and cannot be separated from each other. The result is a durable and reliable connection.

To achieve the best possible result, it is advisable to use the appropriate welding equipment or welding process for a particular project.

Electrode welding equipment

Electrode welding machines or electric welding machines are particularly suitable for thicker metal sheets. It is one of the oldest welding machines, but is far from obsolete: It is still widely used and in daily use. The filler material used is fabric-wrapped electrodes, which are pushed onto the weld seam by hand. This melts and serves both as welding and filling material.

With an electrode welding machine, welding even outdoors is no longer a problem. The device defies wind and weather - and can even be used for welding under water!

Inverter welding machines

One might think that this device is a completely different welding process. However, inverter welding machines only use a different power source. They also have a great advantage over their relatives: they are much lighter than conventional welding machines and therefore very handy. Inverter welding machines do not require a heavy transformer, as this is replaced by semiconductor technology.

MIG/MAG welding machines

MIG/MAG welding machines are true universalists. They are among the most common welding methods for coarse welding seams, for example in car body construction. But what do the abbreviations mean? MIG stands for welding with inactive gases, whereas MAG welding requires active gases such as CO2. At RP-TOOLS you will find welding systems that can be used for both welding techniques without any problems - depending on which gas is supplied. Of course you will also find the suitable gas nozzles, hoses as well as welding protection shields in our online assortment.


Spotters and spot welders are integral parts of an automotive workshop. They are ideal for processing untreated and painted sheet metal. The modern and digital devices automatically recognize the selected material and also measure data such as sheet thickness.

Regardless of which spotter is used, spot welding always joins together metal workpieces by pressing two electrodes together and applying power. Here, the local current flow is the heat source that causes the material to melt. The advantage: this welding method is particularly fast, welding work is completed within a few seconds.

However, spot welding is not only used to join workpieces, but above all to remove dents in car body construction. You will find a wide range of accessories in our shop.

With the welding machines from RP-TOOLS to the best result

With regard to the appropriate methods, the materials used and the equipment, there are many points to consider when welding. For this reason, you should be clear in advance about what requirements you have for the welding equipment in question. You should never lose sight of the goal of achieving a flawless welding result in the shortest possible time. We can help you achieve this. Do you have any questions about a particular device? Simply contact us via live chat, e-mail or telephone. We look forward to hearing from you!

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