Lifting Equipment

Lifting technology for tinkerers and professionals

Not every action can be carried out so easily when the vehicle is on the ground. In many cases, repairs are much easier on a car lift or are possible with the help of such a platform alone. Especially in a workshop a car lift is indispensable. But also hobbyists can save themselves a lot of work with such equipment. Lifts provide safe access to the underbody, but it depends on the vehicle you want to lift. Here in our online shop for workshop equipment you will find a wide range of various lifting equipment, which covers not only simple vehicles, but also trucks and more.

Variety of lifting technology

2-post lifts, axle-free lifts, gear lifts, pit lifts, truck lifts, lifting ramps and motorcycle lifts - the different variants do not stop here. Whether 1-, 2- or 4-column, platforms, lifting ramps or jacks or even mobile companions: in the area of lifting technology, a huge selection is available to you. Find the right lifting technology for you and your needs.

A lifting platform has many advantages: In addition to increased safety, it has a very high lifting capacity, depending on the model. You can therefore transport any suitable vehicle onto such a platform with very little effort of your own. It is therefore particularly suitable for hobbyists with passion as well as for workshops - in the latter case it is now part of the basic equipment and has become indispensable. However, if you only want to use such a lifting technique to change tyres, a simple jack is better suited for you.

In the following you will find some characteristics of the individual products in our range. However, this description can never be replaced by professional advice. However, if you are not sure which lifting technique is the right one for you, it is best to get comprehensive advice from a specialist.

  • 1-post lift: space-saving; maximum lifting capacity: 2.5 tonnes; can be moved as required; lifting height of up to 2 metres; small size
  • 2-post lift: platform without centre bar with compensation device; lifting height of over 2 metres; many individual adjustment possibilities
  • 4-post lift: very good for axle measurements; also suitable for vintage cars and other cars without lifting points in the sill area; maximum load capacity between 3.5-5 tons depending on the model
  • Scissor lift: space-saving when not in use; easy to move around; functions according to the scissor principle: interlocked steel struts support the supporting surface; maximum load capacity between 2.7-5 tonnes; maximum lifting height between 1 and almost 2 metres
  • mobile lifting platform: very flexible in use; maximum lifting height between 1 and almost 2 meters; maximum load capacity between 2-3 tons; usually equipped with base frame; prerequisite: sufficiently strong foundation

Our service for your lifting technology

The purchase of a lifting platform can be associated with a lot of effort. We will be happy to help you and support you with our service: On request, we will deliver and install the equipment. We also offer other services such as training, instruction and maintenance of lifting equipment.