2 Post Lifts
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Item no.: RP-R-SETHMW01 Lift, tire changer and wheel balancer RP-R-6253B2V-282-400V RP-R-U200PN-400V1S and RP-R-U100PN in set
Ready for shipment in ca. 80 days Shipping time: 2 - 3 workdays
  • Variations in: VoltageVoltage
Item no.: RP-R-6150B2_VAR Hydraulic 2 post lift UV 5.0 t, 230/400 V, H: 2.85 m RP-6150B2
Ready for shipment in ca. 80 days
  • Variations in: VoltageVoltage
Item no.: RP-R-6314B2_VAR Hydraulic 2-post lift - OV 4.0 t, 230/400 V, H: 5.00 m - RP-6314B2
Available now!
Item no.: RP-SI-SR37K 2-post lift spindle OV 3.2 t, 400 V Sirio RP-SI-SR37K
Ready for shipment in ca. 29 days Shipping time: 31 - 32 workdays
Item no.: RP-ZS-Z51 2-post lift spindle UV 3.5 t, 400 V with load-bearing base frame
Short supply. Shipping time: 2 - 3 workdays
  • Variations in: HeightHeight VoltageVoltage Lifting CapacityLifting Capacity
Item no.: RP-R-6210B2_VAR Hydraulic 2-post lift OV 3.2/4.0 t, 230/400 V, H: 3.75/4.00 m (adjustable) RP-6213B2, RP-6214B2
Ready for shipment in ca. 80 days
  • Variations in: VoltageVoltage Lifting CapacityLifting Capacity
Item no.: RP-R-6250B2_VAR Hydraulic 2-post lift UV 3.2/4.0 t, 230/400 V, H: 2.82 m RP-6253B2, RP-6254B2
Short supply.

2-post lifts: state-of-the-art workshop equipment for car garages

Lifting platforms are indispensable in a car workshop. They are the heart of every car workshop. Many repairs on the car, bus or truck would not be possible or uncomfortable without the use of lifting platforms. Therefore, a solid and easy to handle lift is essential for a modern car workshop.

RP-TOOLS takes this into account, develops state-of-the-art lifts and sets standards in this regard. When developing our lifting platforms, we attach particular importance to innovation, good usability and safety.

Comfortable working at the highest level

Round operations and maximum efficiency in work requiring lifting of a vehicle, such as work on the underbody of the motor vehicle, are made possible with lifts.

The stages developed by RP-TOOLS also ensure economical and pleasant working thanks to their energy-saving operation and low noise level.


The innovative technology of our 2-post lifts ensures a particularly high stability of the vehicle when lifting.

All stages offered are carefully checked for your safety and undergo numerous tests. The 2-post lifts from RP-TOOLS are TÜV Austria certified and are subject to the latest safety standards.


We have a large selection of models to meet the needs of your workshop. The load capacity of the 2-post lifts varies between 3.2 and 5 tons. Our truck post liftseven have a lifting capacity of up to 45 tons. The range of RP-TOOLS includes 2-post lift with electro-hydraulic, electromechanical and hydraulic drive.


As a lift manufacturer, we also carry a large selection of 2-post lift partsand all other lifts of our assortment.


We offer instruction in the assembly of our lifts, as well as advice and training.

Successful throughout Europe

Our lifts can be found throughout Europe in car repair shops. Take a look at the distribution of our lifting products products on the product location map.

Thousands of satisfied customers across the European continent - and beyond - speak for themselves.