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Rubber plates of RP tools

The right workshop equipment is the alpha and omega of any car service. In addition to classic consumables and wear materials such as oil, brake pads or coolant but also includes accessories such as screws, nuts, upholstery cleaner and Co. add. An often forgotten, though very practical element are rubber accessories. Rubber plates, blocks and pads support the daily work and protect car body and lifts from unnecessary damage. Whether with small jacks or full-blown lifts. Rubber pads offer many different uses and can be used to assist in various jobs.

Of course, the rubber blocks in the assortment of RP-Tools also meet our requirements for the highest quality and material safety. We produce rubber plates as spare parts for the lifting platforms of different manufacturers, universal rubber pads and various special recordings. In addition to rubber blocks, you will also find other equipment, such as wheel balancers, shelving systems or complete sets for the inspection of the pickerl, for the equipment of your workshop or testing center.

Rubber blocks for lifting platforms and jack

Our rubber blocks for your lift enable a safe and wobble-free lifting of motor vehicles of all kinds. The blocks of different sizes offer a suitable alternative for every job. In addition, and for special applications, you will also find longer plastic blocks in our product range. These are particularly suitable for use in sensitive areas of the body.

Also rubber sheets fulfill a similar purpose. In addition, some of our models are especially suitable as ramps. These are especially suitable for vehicles with sports suspension and make it easier to drive on scissor and 4-post lifts. In this case, the access ramps are placed under the appropriate platform so that the distance between the chassis and the lift platform can be significantly reduced. If in some cases there is not enough space to place the access blocks, the stage is not suitable for use.

Rubber plates - underrated spare parts

Scissor lifts are another classic application for rubber elements of all kinds. The rubber pads on their scissor ends do not count very often to regularly ordered spare parts. All the more important, therefore, that you pay attention to reliable quality. Of course, our online assortment offers the widest possible selection of suitable rubber plates for many different lift manufacturers. This ensures that you can use the full range of our quality products regardless of existing workshop equipment.

Although most lifts and rubber pads are generally universally interchangeable, it often happens that individual vehicles require specific special editions. The online shop of RP-Tools also offers solutions for these special individual cases. Our special images are precisely adapted and allow you to work stress-free and accurately. In addition, you will of course also find extensions and compensation rubbers. So you and your company are always prepared for all eventualities.

Should you not find what you are looking for in our extensive product range, please contact us. We are happy to assist you in the selection or, if necessary, the search for a suitable alternative.