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Trestles: Heavy loads flexibly fixed

Fast assembly, high load capacity and a stable fixation ? this is made possible by the base frames. They make everyday work easier and relieve you of a great deal of effort and circumstances, so that you can concentrate on the main work. A support stand is usually part of every workshop, no matter how small, and is an important aid for work on cars, trucks, tractors and more. Create the best conditions for precise repairs and maintenance. We will be happy to support you in finding the right trestles for your workshop.

Our online range for workshops has various models available for you. Depending on the model, the focus is on a different feature. Above all, take into account the maximum load and height as well as the construction. You will find all relevant information on the respective product detail page.

What are the advantages of support stands?

The necessary conditions are not always present when repairs or important maintenance are pending and can no longer be maintained. For hobbyists, the support stands are a particularly favourable and attractive alternative to lifting platforms or other lifting technology. For those who know a little bit about this specialist area and are confident that they can do light work on cars and the like, such jack-up stands can already be more than sufficient.

But also numerous workshops trust in the mobile support construction. If a customer does not make it to the workshop and would otherwise have to be transported with the help of a costly tow truck, support stands can help: As mobile helpers, light work can be carried out directly on site. If the repair is successful, your customer can then drive on directly.

Don´t forego the luxury of your workshop even during off-site operations and offer your customers an extended service with the help of mobile devices. are shelters:

  • height adjustable
  • for lifting and stabilizing heavy loads
  • enable temporary support
  • compact for mobile use

Focus on trestles

The main difference between trestles is that they have three different characteristics:

  • maximum permissible load,
  • Construction and
  • Functionality.

In terms of construction, the following question therefore arises: How many legs are required? You can choose between mechanical, manual or hydraulically operated support stands. How should the vehicle be cranked up? While light vehicles can still be easily cranked up manually, it is essential that heavy models and larger vehicles are hydraulically operated.

The choice of the suitable undercarriage blocks

The aim of all shelter blocks is the same. However, they must have different functions to suit your needs. Therefore, before buying a support stand, you should consider which features are indispensable for you. Relevant decision criteria are therefore

  • For which application do you need car stands?
  • What is the minimum load capacity that the trestle should have?
  • What are the ground conditions (level, uneven, etc.)?
  • How often will you use the undercarriage stand?

The choice of the appropriate trestle depends on how you answer these questions. As an alternative to our selection of trestle, you will also find our stamp jack. In addition, you will find in another subcategory special accessories for support stands such as support pyramids.

It is essential that you take sufficient time to familiarize yourself with them so that you can find the best solution in each case. If you are not sure, are not familiar enough with the topic or have any other technical questions, then please contact us. We will help you and give you comprehensive advice on all aspects of workshop technology in our online shop.

Resilient and of high quality: the RP-TOOLS support stands

Our car undercarriages convince above all with their quality: made of excellent materials, they last a long time when used properly and offer you the necessary stability.

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