4 Post Lifts

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4-post lifts: Heavy vehicles slightly lifted

Lifting platforms have become an indispensable part of everyday life in a car workshop. Whereas in the past, workshop pits were needed for repairs or other activities on the underbody of a vehicle, modern workshops nowadays make use of lifting technology. This also applies to work on the tyres or axles of a vehicle. In the meantime, there are numerous lifting platforms available, optimised for different conditions. For particularly heavy cars and vans, for example, it is best to use a 4-post lift.

4-post lifts from RP-TOOLS for car workshops

The RP-TOOLS 4-post lifts have a load capacity of 4200 kg and 6400 kg. Therefore the lifts are perfectly suitable for repairs on vehicles of the larger class. In addition, our 4-post lifts are also very suitable for wheel alignment and wheel alignment.

The four-column lifts offer extra stability and safety during the entire working time. They give you unrestricted access to the lifted vehicle. The platforms can easily be adjusted to numerous track widths. This enables a professional lifting process with almost any vehicle quickly and safely.

Our service around the 4-post lifts

The handling of a lifting platform must be learned. Especially the large range of products makes for a huge variety of designs. The handling is not always the same. At the same time, improper use involves dangers and risks which can endanger the safety of all employees and cause great damage. You can counteract this with a comprehensive training by our professional staff around your model. Our training covers the four points operation, safety equipment, maintenance work and final inspection. In addition to this special training, we also offer other specialist training courses. If you are interested, please have a look at our services to see which offer is best suited for you and your workshop.

Assembly material and service parts for your 4-post platform

Furthermore you have the possibility to buy the suitable service parts and high-quality assembly material for your individual lift in our RP-TOOLS online shop. This includes, for example, hydraulic oil, high-performance adhesive lubricant spray, wheel bearing grease, but also squeezing-out devices and plugs. Furthermore, you will find complete packages for your hydraulic 4-post lifts in both categories of our product range. When choosing a mounting material package, pay attention to the respective voltage.

Hydraulic 4-post lifts

In general you will find both hydraulic and mechanical lifts. Our platforms with four columns are usually hydraulic platforms. They convince above all by their economy. This is especially due to the fact that the engine only has to work during the lifting process. If you want to lower the vehicle again, a solenoid valve opens with even lower power consumption. With a hydraulic platform, you also benefit from the lack of mechanical contact points. Since there are only a few moving parts, wear is significantly lower. Necessary maintenance work is therefore comparatively low.

Note that the oil in a hydraulic platform becomes thicker as the temperature drops. In this case the lifting and lowering speed slows down a little.

Greater effort with 4-post lift

A disadvantage of the hydraulic four-post lifts is the complicated installation of this device. Special hydraulic lines must be laid for this purpose. Caution is required when setting up the columns, as no deviations are possible here. But of course we will not leave you alone with the higher effort. If desired, we will be happy to help you and take over the assembly of the hydraulic platforms up to the correct adjustment.

Discover our online shop

As a professional and reliable online dealer for a complete range of equipment for your car workshop, we naturally offer you more than just lifting platforms and other lifting equipment. Numerous tools, spare parts, equipment and more from first-class manufacturers characterize our product range. Of course, the thought is not far away that we use our well-founded know-how for the production of our own innovative parts. Test our own brand and convince yourself!

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