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Item no.: RP-R-YCB-700 Tire inflator tire filler safety filling cage truck 5-7 bar, 230 V, Ø: 1600 mm, tire width: 800 mm
Short supply. Shipping time: 2 - 3 workdays
Item no.: RP-ZE-RFD1200 Tire inflator automatically digital with OPS from RP-TOOLS
Available now! Shipping time: 2 - 3 workdays
Item no.: RP-ZE-900 Tire inflator automatic digital with OPS from RP-TOOLS wall mounting
Available now! Shipping time: 2 - 3 workdays
Item no.: RP-R-U20 Tire filling bomb tire shock filler "tire booster" RP-R-U20
Available now! Shipping time: 2 - 3 workdays
Item no.: RP-R-U20-SCHLAUCH Filling hose for tire filling bomb "tire booster" RP-U20 (set with connection and seal)
Available now! Shipping time: 2 - 3 workdays

Professional tyre fillers as an important safety measure

A recent study showed that around a quarter of all traffic accidents in which people are injured occur on a wet road. The quality of the tyres is said to be a decisive factor in this respect. Tyres of inferior quality or those that do not comply with the prescribed guidelines pose a higher risk. The reason for this is the longer braking distance, which increases significantly on wet roads. Regular maintenance of high-quality tyres is a prerequisite here: With tyre fillers and other equipment you can carry out a complete tyre service ? whether in your hobby workshop or in a professional business.

Fuel-saving, gentle and above all safe ? the right tyre pressure is elementary for many aspects of driving. At only a few points does the entire weight of the vehicle frame, all passengers and other loads hit the ground: In order for the tyres to carry this load properly, the amount of air in them is decisive.

Optimum tyre inflation pressure for safe driving

Both too high and too low tyre pressures are considered dangerous and negligent. You can recognize an optimal tire pressure by the fact that the entire tread of the tire rolls completely on the road surface. If the tyre pressure is too high, only the centre tread touches the road surface, while too low a pressure is indicated by only the shoulders touching the road surface.

The tyre pressure of each tyre should be checked about every two weeks - don´t forget the spare tyre when checking. Small adjustments can usually be carried out by yourself without any problems. For this purpose there is a corresponding tyre filler at every petrol station. But also other companies around the vehicles such as workshops and test centres need such a device. Do you already have a high-quality tyre inflator in your company?

Tyre inflators at RP-TOOLS

No matter what kind of business you are in ? as a professional service provider a tyre filler is part of the basic equipment. Such a device is available in our online shop in different versions: Both stationary, one can be mounted anywhere thanks to the column, while the small version has to be mounted on the wall. Whether carried out by your own hand or to make things easier for your customers ? the automatic tyre fillers make everyone´s work easier. All you have to do is enter the desired pressure.

Tyre inflation cage: Caution in case of burst tyres

Small changes in air pressure are usually not a problem and should not cause the tyre to burst. However, if the air pressure rises too much and there is already damage or other defects in the tyre, extreme caution is required. If a tyre bursts, it can be dangerous for bystanders. Therefore, eliminate all possible risk factors from the outset by placing the tyre in a specially designed tyre inflation cage. If the tyre explodes, the extremely robust and stable grids will absorb the pressure and all tyre parts.

Tyre booster as support

The tyre pressure is set correctly, but the tyre no longer fits on the rim? No problem! In our assortment you can get special devices like the tire booster, which make this act easier for you. The device simply has to be placed between the tyre and the rim, the rest happens almost by itself.

Holistic service for tyre fillers and more

In every professional workshop, test centre and every other business, tyre inflation systems, but also other devices are part of the basic equipment. You will find basic equipment that will make your everyday life easier in our range of products. In addition, we offer a range of other devices, elements and more. Please feel free to stop by! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.