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Engine diagnosis and test technology for daily work

Diagnostic techniques and test mechanisms are part of the daily work routine in almost all automotive areas. Customers want to be advised about necessary and possible maintenance work, repairs or overhauls on their car, truck or other motor vehicle and are often interested in the reasons behind them. With RP-TOOLS automotive diagnostic and handheld test equipment you are always on the right track and can inform your customers comprehensively. Whether cooling system tester, engine diagnosis or multimeter. Show your customers why certain work is necessary and which regular maintenance work could prevent expensive repairs in the future.

Our online shop offers you a large selection of test technology for your automotive business. From speed measuring devices, pressure-vacuum pumps and endoscopes to hand pumps, compression pressure testers, cooling system testers and engine testers, voltage testers, stroboscope lamps and headlight adjusters, our range leaves nothing to be desired. Browse through our online shop now and find your new workshop or factory equipment.

Cooling system tester with all common adapters

A special challenge of the test engineering are especially nowadays the always new vehicle types of the manufacturers. Each line has its own specific adapters and spare parts. For components that need to be tested regularly, such as the cooling system, RP-TOOLS therefore offers complete sets that allow easy and time-saving testing. To make it even easier to identify the correct adapter, all parts are numbered and described in detail in an enclosed brochure. If you are missing only individual adapters, you will also find special and rarely used adapters in our product selection. Our complete set for the cooling system impression contains, among other things, a testing device and optionally an additional filling system for cleaning the radiator and refilling coolant.

You want to find out about improper repairs to the body of a motor vehicle? Or simply test the current paintwork? Paint layer measuring instruments can help here: Whether in the simplest version with three-stage LED display or with illuminated digital display. If the measured paint thickness does not correspond to the specifications, it is easy to draw conclusions about the cause. Lacquer coating thickness gauges can also be used to check the integrity of a continuous lacquer coating and thus ensure that it is free of accidents.

Order online now and benefit from our excellent service!

The RP-TOOLS online range of products is specially designed for automotive workshops, test centres, car dealerships and other areas of the automotive industry. Our online shop offers you only goods of the highest quality. Furthermore, it is open for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So you can order comfortably from your desk at any time without having to travel long and time-consuming. After your order RP-TOOLS will take care of the rest for you. Whether delivery to your front door, construction and assembly or planning of new premises. The RP-TOOLS team will be happy to advise you on your relevant concerns. Use our know-how also for your business!

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