Fume Extraction Systems
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Item no.: RP-AS-APN2 Car exhaust extraction unit for wall mounting for two workplaces
Ready for shipment in ca. 6 days Shipping time: 8 - 9 workdays
  • Variations in: DiameterDiameter LengthLength
Item no.: RP-AS-ARHV_VAR Exhaust hose reel Exhaust gas extraction unit Exhaust extraction system Exhaust fan with funnel L: 7.5-15 m, 75-150 mm
Ready for shipment in ca. 6 days
Item no.: RP-AS-APN1 Car exhaust extraction system for wall mounting
Short supply. Shipping time: 2 - 3 workdays
Item no.: RP-AS-ELE02 Portable gas extraction system for car
Available now! Shipping time: 2 - 3 workdays

exhaust extraction systems ensure clean air in the workshop

Sometimes it is necessary in a car workshop to turn on the engine of a motor vehicle in a closed space. In order not to suffocate in the workshop or to endanger your health, an exhaust extraction system is required. This system sucks the exhaust gases from the exhaust and diverts them from the workshop so that there is no hazardous concentration of toxic exhaust gases in the rooms.

Exhaust extraction systems are also available at brake test stands, for example.

We offer different exhaust fume extraction units and corresponding accessories in our online shop, such as extraction systems for one or two workstations, as well as mobile exhaust extraction systems and wall mounting systems.