Fume Extraction Systems
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Item no.: RP-AS-ARHV_VAR Exhaust hose reel Exhaust gas extraction unit Exhaust extraction system Exhaust fan with funnel L: 7.5-15 m, 75-150 mm
Short supply.
Item no.: RP-AS-APN2 Car exhaust extraction unit for wall mounting for two workplaces
Ready for shipment in ca. 6 days Shipping time: 8 - 9 workdays
Item no.: RP-AS-APN1 Car exhaust extraction system for wall mounting
Ready for shipment in ca. 6 days Shipping time: 8 - 9 workdays
Item no.: RP-AS-ELE02 Portable gas extraction system for car
Short supply. Shipping time: 2 - 3 workdays

Clean air with the exhaust gas extraction systems of RP-TOOLS

Sometimes it is necessary in a car workshop to switch on the engine of a motor vehicle in a closed room, for example to carry out an exhaust emission test. An exhaust gas extraction system is needed to prevent the health of the workshop staff from being endangered or even suffocated. This system sucks in the exhaust gases from the exhaust pipe and discharges them immediately from the workshop. In this way, a health-endangering concentration of toxic exhaust gases in the rooms is avoided.

Different exhaust gas extraction systems for an ideal working climate

Exhaust gas extraction systems are also found on test benches, for example. For this purpose, we offer you wall-mountable devices as well as mobile exhaust gas extraction systems and the appropriate accessories. For example, there is the exhaust extraction system for the workshop, which is permanently mounted on a wall and is optionally equipped with one or two workstations. Among other things, there is a funnel on the extraction unit which completely and safely sucks and discharges the exhaust gases from the workshop rooms.

Mobile exhaust gas extraction systems for more flexibility in your workshop

In addition to the static exhaust gas extraction systems, we also offer a mobile version that has a universal funnel, is height-adjustable and has a medium capacity. Its suction height can be optimally adapted to the respective conditions between 250 millimetres and 750 millimetres. With its 73 decibels, it is about as noisy as a passenger car. It also has the following features:

  • a six-meter long, flexible discharge hose,
  • several years of testing for longevity and best quality,
  • high material and processing quality,
  • high precision and
  • a supplied operating manual.

Exhaust extraction system hose reel: order is half the (workshop) life

If you no longer need a piece of equipment or working material, it is useful to be able to put it away quickly and easily. It will not be damaged by employees stumbling over it or by it hitting a wall or a vehicle. For this purpose, we offer the practical exhaust hose reel from RP-TOOLS for your exhaust gas extraction unit. The reel can be ideally mounted on the wall or ceiling. Its features include:

  • a compact and modern design,
  • a quick, easy and cost-reducing installation,
  • a powerful suction and
  • a suitability for motorcycles, cars and trucks.

Order online now: Exhaust suction devices and accessories from RP-TOOLS!

In our online shop we offer you different exhaust gas extraction devices and corresponding accessories, such as extraction systems for one or two workstations, as well as mobile exhaust gas extraction systems and systems for wall mounting. If you have any questions or comments, our experienced staff will be happy to assist you either via live chat, telephone, e-mail or in person at one of our authorized dealers.