Sandblasting Equipment


Sealed industrial sandblast cabin with automatic extraction as robust steel construction, perfect for blasting medium and large parts.

  • Air requirement: 350~750 l/min
  • Maximum permissible pressure: 8 bar
  • Working pressure: approx. 6 bar
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190,00 kg
Item weight:
175,00 kg
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Professional sandblasting Cabinet type 420 L perfect device for blasting of medium and large parts.

  • Air consumption: 350 ~ 750 l / min
  • Max. Maximum pressure: 8 bar
  • Working pressure: approx. 6 bar
Shipping weight:
160,00 kg
Item weight:
130,00 kg
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Perfect device for sand blasting of medium and large parts. Properties
  • sealed sand blast cabinet with automatic extraction, incl. filter cartridge
  • durable and stable steel construction
  • Front door with rubber gaskets and door contacts
  • integrated pressure regulator and pressure gauge
  • large window and interior lighting
  • Operation manually via hand gun or by adjustable automatic pistol with foot remote control
  • Control Panel with display and control for pressure adjustment, suction, light, on / off switch and foot remote control
  • Safety device on the doors
The sand blasting Cabinet is fully equipped with:
  • 2 x integrated work gloves
  • 2 x neon light of á 20 Watt
  • 1 x adapter plug 220V
  • 1 x extraction with filter cartridge
  • 2 x exhaust ports for the connection of extractors for dirt - and dust-free work
  • 1 x beam gun with air hoses
  • 1 x mounted injector blasting gun with ceramic nozzle (foot actuated) top hanging in the Cabinet, for fatigue-free blasting small parts.
  • 1 x pressure reducer with pressure gauge to adjust the blasting pressure of the fixed gun
  • 4 x replaceable ceramic nozzles for spray gun 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm, 7 mm
  • 3 x protector large
  • 3 x protector small
  • 1 x pedal foot control
  • 1 x hole plate
  • 1 x sealing materials (adhesive seal, Teflon tape)
Usage area
  • Industry
  • Automotive trades
  • Restoration
  • House -, Court - and hobby area
Shipping weight:
125,00 kg
Item weight:
87,00 kg
€ 990,99 *
Available immediately
Delivery time: 2 - 3 Workdays

Perfect device for blasting of small and medium-sized parts.

  • High-quality sandblasting gun with 4 x ceramic nozzle 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm, 7 mm
  • fully equipped with 12 volt fluorescent tube and 220 volt power supply
  • Large viewing window (575 x 265 mm) with removable protective film (incl. 5 protectors)
  • Gloves firmly connected to the housing
  • perimeter seals in order to cover with rotary locks
  • 2 exhaust openings with dirt filter
  • Large, stable side plastic door for loading and unloading, with all-round rubber seal for dust-free work.
  • Wire shelf in the cabin
  • Blast medium container
  • 410mm deep fixed suction tube at the bottom of the canister
  • Drain plug to change the beam good
  • DL connection on the outside
  • Rubber feet for secure footing

The sand blasting Cabinet is fully equipped with:

  • 2 x large, integrated work gloves
  • 1 x neon lamp
  • 1 x adapter plug 220V
  • 2 x exhaust ports for the connection of extractors for dirt - and dust-free work
  • 1xStrahlpistole with air hoses
  • 4 x replaceable ceramic nozzles for spray gun 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm, 7 mm
  • 5 x protective film
  • 1 x sealing materials (adhesive seal, Teflon tape) *.

* not on all models included!

Area: In industry, service workshops, restoration, House -, Court - and hobby area.

Shipping weight:
52,00 kg
Item weight:
49,00 kg
€ 319,99 *
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Delivery time: 32 - 33 Workdays

The perfect cabin for blasting of small and medium parts.

Universally applicable for industry, agriculture, automotive, repair, restoration, hobby, etc.

  • Cabin with working lights: 12 volt fluorescent tube with 220 volt mains supply and external switch
  • Two large, integrated work gloves
  • Exhaust vent with filter for dirt and dust-free working
  • Blasting gun with four interchangeable ceramic nozzles
  • Stable storage grid in the cabin

Suitable for different beam goods, for example, Quartz, glass ball, plastic ball, inter alia,
Transparent lid with separate window and round seal and two screw caps, including five extra lenses for the viewing window.

Shipping weight:
19,00 kg
Item weight:
17,00 kg
€ 148,99 *
Available immediately
Delivery time: 2 - 3 Workdays

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Sandblasting equipment for professional cleaning

Sandblasting is a special type of surface treatment that has become increasingly popular in recent years. With the help of a sandblasting machine, a workpiece can be cleaned and freed from unwanted coatings. Whether rust, paint, scale or other dirt - sandblasting is a safe way to treat surfaces. This practice is also suitable for matting some materials. Do you already offer this service to your customers or would you like to expand it? At RP-TOOLS you will find high-quality sandblasting equipment in various designs.

Sandblasting technology now offers a good solution for almost every application. We have listed some areas of application in which you too can use the modern technology:

  • cleaning: Facades, machines and engines, small parts
  • Derusting
  • Roughening of various surfaces
  • Roughening and derusting during concrete renovation and much more

How does sandblasting work?

First of all, you need a high-quality sandblasting unit - a sandblasting cabin or a sandblasting gun - as well as suitable abrasive. This is then blasted with compressed air in a strong air jet at very high speed onto the respective surface. In this way the material is sanded and dirt is gently removed. Different effects can be achieved depending on the abrasive used. The more abrasive a blasting medium is, the higher is the abrasion on the material. Rust, for example, can be quickly removed with abrasive agents. Some abrasives are low-dust, others produce a lot of dust.

Sandblasting machines from RP-TOOLS

No matter if you are in the automotive industry, agriculture, restoration or hobby ? the sandblasting machines from RP-TOOLS are perfectly suited for your project. With us you find devices of different types in different sizes. What would you like to sandblast? Do you need a sandblasting cabin for small parts or a gun for cleaning larger surfaces, such as car bodies?

Sandblasting cabins for comfortable working

The sandblasting cabins are equipped with a working light that illuminates every gap during the work. So you can be sure that every last crack is cleaned. Furthermore, you do not need to install an additional lamp above the cabin. The cabins are equipped with a robust and stable storage grid on which you can easily place the blasting material during work. Neither dust nor blasting material can escape from the cabin during the process.

Sandblasting guns for larger projects

If you have larger parts to sandblast, working with a sandblasting gun is advantageous. With the gun, you can handle it sensitively and treat every corner of a workpiece. Unlike with a sandblasting cabin, there are no restrictions regarding the possible size of the blasting material. Truck parts, old wooden cabinets or large engine systems are cleaned of paint residues, rust and dirt in no time.

An abrasive for every material

Basically, a distinction is made between disposable and reusable blasting media. By reusing the blasting material you can save resources and at the same time the environment is less polluted. There are also natural and artificial as well as abrasive and non-abrasive media. Which agent is right for you depends on the material to be treated and the desired effect. Which is the right blasting material for you? Frequently used:

  • Slag blasting agent (disposable blasting agent): has a good abrasive effect and is sharp-edged
  • Corundum (reusable blasting medium): leaves a rough surface behind and is particularly suitable for removing lacquers and other coatings
  • Garnet sand (one-way and reusable blasting media): has a high abrasive effect with low dust generation
  • Plastic (one-way and reusable blasting media): less abrasive and therefore suitable for more gentle treatment
  • Glass beads (disposable blasting agent): are suitable for surface roughening and increase the surface hardness
  • Dry ice (disposable blasting agent): has no abrasive effect and is therefore perfectly suited for gentle cleaning
  • Chilled cast iron (reusable abrasive): is suitable for various purposes and is frequently used in industry

RP-TOOLS is your partner in the field of workshop technology

In addition to the sandblasting equipment, you can of course also obtain the corresponding blasting material from us. Do you need further technology for car body care? RP-TOOLS has everything you need for your successful workshop, from welding equipment to grinding machines to straightening and machining equipment. You can also benefit from our extensive spare parts warehouse. If a part is broken, you will quickly find a remedy here.

Do you have any questions about sandblasting equipment or would you like advice on an individual product? The customer service of RP-TOOLS is at your disposal. Please contact us!