Scissor Lifts
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  • Variations in: VoltageVoltage
Item no.: RP-R-8506AY_VAR Hydraulic scissor lift OF 3.5 t, 230/400 V, H: 1,90 m - RP-8506AY
Ready for shipment in ca. 80 days
  • Variations in: VoltageVoltage
Item no.: RP-R-8505P_VAR Hydraulic scissor lift UF 3.5 t, 230/400 V, H: 2.23 m - RP-8505P
Short supply.
  • Variations in: VoltageVoltage
Item no.: RP-R-8504AY_VAR Hydraulic scissor lift OF 3 t, 230/400 V, H: 1.90 m - RP-8504AY
Ready for shipment in ca. 80 days
  • Variations in: VoltageVoltage
Item no.: RP-R-8503P_VAR Hydraulic lift UF 3 t, 230/400 V, H: 2,03 m - RP-8503P
Ready for shipment in ca. 80 days
  • Variations in: VoltageVoltage
Item no.: RP-R-8532B2_VAR Hydraulic scissor lift OF 3.2 t, 230/400 V, H: 1 m - RP-8532B2
Available now!
  • Variations in: VoltageVoltage
Item no.: RP-R-8500P_VAR Hydraulic scissor lift, mobile OF 3 t, 230/400 V, H: 1 m - RP-8500P M10
Ready for shipment in ca. 80 days
Item no.: RP-W-TS6000IT_V02 Mobile, hydraulic lift, OF, 2.5 t, AIR, H: 1.02 m - RP-TS6000IT
Ready for shipment in ca. 129 days Shipping time: 33 - 34 workdays

Scissor lifts for car workshops

As a cost-effective alternative to the 2-post stage, the scissor stage also has its own special charm. It got its name from its characteristic appearance: a scissors-type linkage which provides for height adjustment between the floor and the platform. Scissor lifts can be found in great variation ? also in our online shop. Important criteria for the right choice of a scissor lift are, among others, high-quality workmanship, best materials and a well thought-out design.

Discover the variety of scissor lifts

Scissor lifts can be found in a large selection. In our online shop you will also quickly find what you are looking for. The differences are due to factors such as the maximum load and different heights. For more information about our models please have a look at the product detail page.

Making the right choice of lifting platform

Lifting platforms are the heart of every workshop. Usually everything revolves around these platforms, this is where all the work takes place. Do you already have the right lifting platform in your workshop? If not, we will be happy to guide you through our range! The lifting technology can look very versatile. First and foremost, you have to limit the large selection by deciding for or against different vehicles. What type of vehicle is mainly lifted?

According to this you can already exclude a large number of lifting platforms. For two-wheeled vehicles, the motorcycle lifts are sufficient. Wheel alignment can be carried out wonderfully on special scissor lifts for wheel alignment, but also 4-post lifts. Especially heavy and large vehicles such as trucks can be lifted on our own truck lifts. Last but not least, the scissor lifts focus on smaller workshops and low rooms for various tyre and bodywork work.

Scissor lifts for universal use

Scissor lifts are a wonderful solution for both commercial and private use, thanks to the comparatively low purchase costs. No matter if you are a hobbyist or a professional workshop ? for common workshop jobs such as oil or tire change, painting work, maintenance or repairs scissor lifts are the optimal solution. Especially small repairs like brakes and tyres are carried out effortlessly. Last but not least the possibility to work on the lifted vehicle from all sides is especially advantageous.

Scissor lifts for safe working on the vehicle

With scissor lifts you create a high workshop quality despite low purchase costs. Set new standards, because these special platforms enable the best working possibilities even with little space. Modern functionality and the robust construction speak for themselves. Thus the loadable scissor lifts can even withstand small vans. Of course, please pay attention to the respective maximum load capacity in order to minimize risks and dangers.

You can achieve optimum safety for your working platform by the following three points, among others:

  • Working platform in proper condition ? especially the safety systems
  • correct and stable installation
  • professional operation by the operating personnel

Create a comfortable workplace with the highest possible security ? in our online shop you will find the appropriate equipment! In addition, you will find, for example, among our accessories for scissor lifts, versatile aids such as drive-on ramps.

Our service for your scissor lift

The handling of a scissor lift is not always a matter of course and can be a little more complex depending on the model. In order that you nevertheless learn quickly and without problems how your new scissor lift works, we would like to support you with extensive training on this special lifting technology. The use of the scissor lift can thus be learned quickly thanks to the specialist training. If desired, we can also take over not only the delivery of the platform, but also the assembly and installation on site. So nothing stands in the way of working in your car workshop with new equipment!

If you have any questions about the online range, our services or for professional advice, please contact us. You can reach us during our business hours by phone or e-mail.