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Electrical and battery equipment for professional use

In a professional workshop it is not unusual for things to be loud: Here, sounds such as sawing, grinding or drilling meet and often other battery-powered or electronic tools are also present. And that is just as well. For a long time now, these tools have been real helpers in the workshop and Co. They take away a lot of effort and power, speed up processes and expand the possibilities. In our online shop you will find battery and electronic tools for the workshop for professionals, hobbyists and those who would like to become one. We rely on well-founded manufacturers from the industry like BGS or Kraftmann.

Discover our range of electrical and battery-powered appliances

Our RP-TOOLS online shop offers you first-class electrical and battery equipment for versatile use in your workshop. Be well prepared with an extensive equipment around drills and impact wrenches, soldering tools, angle grinders and saws.

Drilling and screwing made easy

In our assortment you will find, for example, a drilling machine with charger and two matching Li-Ion batteries. If one battery is empty, you will still not have to interrupt your work, but can replace the batteries quickly and easily. Furthermore, we offer a three-part drill tilting adapter set suitable for the drill. The individual adapters have a special retaining ball by which they are securely connected to the machine.

In addition to the long-proven drilling machine, the impact wrench is also a welcome helper in the workshop. Complex screwing and unscrewing of screws can be made much easier with a screwdriver. And if it should ever give up the ghost in the middle of the screwdriving process due to an empty battery, you should definitely think about a replacement battery. Otherwise, it can cost you a lot of time and effort to screw the screws in or out mechanically or to wait until the battery is recharged.

Soldering for professionals

Soldering is not an easy matter, you need time and above all the right tools. Whether an electronic digital soldering station, a gas soldering iron set or a hot air blower: Depending on the application, different soldering tools and hot glue guns can be advantageous. You can obtain these compactly and with all other important individual parts in our online shop.

Buy saws from RP-TOOLS online

The classic saw is less in demand in a car workshop. What is meant here are rather small saw sets with which you can quickly and easily saw out holes in various dimensions. These saw sets are simply attached to your drill bit. Our eleven-piece hole saw set, for example, achieves a cutting depth of 24 cm and enables holes with a diameter of between 19 and 64 mm. The hole saw can be used for plastics, wood, plasterboard and chipboard.

Perfect sanding with angle grinders

Last but not least, the tried and tested angle grinder can also be found in many workshops. Small elevations and unevenness can be repaired quickly. Here you can rely on particularly high-quality models that can even withstand slight tilting without any problems. Two handles help you to keep control at all times.

Battery and electrically operated tools for safe use

In a row, numerous tools adjoin each other in a workshop, including many battery and electric powered tools. These require special attention due to their many wearing parts. Do you always have enough spare parts at hand ? whether an additional battery, various attachments or a spare cable. With our assortment at RP-TOOLS you are always well prepared. And if you don´t have something at hand, then simply order online and have the necessary part delivered to your workshop door very quickly.

Do you still have questions after this short introduction to our product range? Then please contact our staff by phone or e-mail ? we will answer any question and help you to find exactly the right tool for your requirements.

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