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Transport equipment from RP-TOOLS for more efficiency

Transport equipment tailored to your needs can take a lot of the work off your hands. They take on the task of lifting heavy parts and transporting them, are generally very easy to handle and, with their manoeuvrability and stability, offer a particularly high level of safety in use. From the classic hand pallet truck to the electronic high lift truck with a load capacity of 1,000 kg - in our range you will find exactly the right transport equipment for every need in a workshop.

Hand pallet truck vs. high lift truck?

In the RP-TOOLS online shop you will find selected transport equipment of the best quality. You can divide our products into two different categories: The hand pallet trucks and the high lift trucks. The distinction is quite simple: A hand pallet truck is used wherever you only need to reach low heights, i.e.: Usually only for the simple transport from A to B. Meanwhile, the other transport device makes it possible to lift the object to be transported up to several metres.

Our electric pedestrian stacker, for example, enables a height of around 3 metres with a maximum weight of 1,000 kg. At the same time, it offers many other advantages and safety measures so that transport at height and on inclines can be carried out without hazards or risks.

Which transport device is the right one?

You will find our lift trucks with or without electric drive. This can make handling much easier in many places, but is not absolutely necessary in small workshops, for example.

The decision for the suitable lift truck can be made for various reasons. In terms of price, for example, a hand pallet truck is considerably cheaper. Here it usually does not matter whether this pallet truck has an electronic drive or not. Besides price, the available space is also an important question. Do individual parts really have to be lifted that high, or is it sufficient if they no longer touch the ground, so that they can then be transported effortlessly to the desired location?

Other reasons for choosing a transport trolley could be the maximum load capacity as well as the application. In our online shop you will also find special lift trucks with a waste compactor attachment. Alternatively, you can also buy this attachment separately from the lift truck. This is then suitable for the high lift truck. You will find more information about our individual articles in the product descriptions.

High quality transport equipment and more from RP-TOOLS

As transport trolleys, our various pallet trucks are primarily intended for transport from A to B. However, if you want to lift something in order to be able to take a look underneath, high lift trucks are not the right solution, even if you reach the necessary height. Instead, fall back on the safe variant of lifting platforms or other lifting technology. Whether lifting platforms with one, two or four columns, axle-free jacks, mobile platforms or base blocks - our range offers you a complete selection. Please also discover our other categories around your workshop needs.

If you still have questions, please contact our service department by phone or e-mail. We will be happy to advise you in every matter, regarding the right choice for your needs, but also beyond.

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