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Painting stand from RP-TOOLS

The painting of smaller and larger components is part of the daily work routine in most car companies and garages. Therefore, the problems that can be associated with it are particularly well known. Dirt, dust or unsuitable surfaces are only some of them. In the online shop of RP-TOOLS you will find professional painting stands that help you to eliminate a large part of these disturbing factors.

Useful helpers for paint jobs

Flying dust particles and dirt can severely impair the fresh paint finish of a component. Painting rooms are therefore specially designed for a virtually dirt-free environment. But how are paint edges, which are caused by the deposit of the workpiece, prevented? This is where our reliable and high-quality paint stands come in handy. The components, such as rims, can simply be ?attached? here. In this way an all-round flawless paint finish is possible.

Increase the effectiveness, safety and comfort of your employees with the painting stands from RP-TOOLS. In addition, our painting stands can of course be used in many different industries and can also be used for short-term storage. Thus, most painting stands are also suitable as windshield stands.

Painting stands for work on cars and motorcycles

Specialised equipment and suitable accessories are essential for painting work on cars, trucks and motorcycles. Of course, the quality of the paints used also plays an important role. A painting room also prevents dust and dirt particles from settling on the fresh paint. High-quality vehicle painting requires different work steps, each of which must be observed individually. First of all, the substrate must be thoroughly prepared. This step is one of the most important basics for reliable painting work. Only when this work process has been successfully completed can a primer be applied. Should errors have crept in or incompatibilities between the materials exist, these will already become apparent here.

Windscreen stands are essential

Paint stands are part of the essential basic equipment for reliable and high-quality painting work. No matter whether you want to paint motorcycles, trucks, cars or just special individual parts: These specially equipped stand systems are required for any kind of painting work. Freshly painted parts must never be placed directly on the floor or similar surfaces. Since painting is also done with compressed air, which churns up dust and dirt, these unwanted small parts would immediately deposit on the paint. A clean result would therefore not be possible.

This problem also applies to the application of clear lacquers. Painting stands prove to be indispensable here time and again. Even alternative hanging devices have not been able to replace the stands so far. Find now the windscreen stand for all your painting needs at RP-TOOLS!

Painting stand with a lot of equipment

Cars, trucks and motorcycles consist of countless, very different components. Most of these parts can be painted. Whether rims, engine hoods, side mirrors or bumpers: the differences between these car parts are hardly comparable. Not only shape and size are decisive criteria, but also weight and material pose challenges for workshops time and again. At RP-TOOLS you will find suitable painting stands for many different components. Of course, our painting stands can also be used in painting chambers.

Buy windshield stands online now

In addition to various paint stands for applications such as rims or bonnets, you will also find windscreen stands with special suction cups for safe and reliable depositing of sensitive components in our online shop. Furthermore, our painting stands are also suitable for large parts, such as bumpers. Are you looking for other helpful tools or equipment for equipping your workshop or test centre? The RP-TOOLS online range offers you a complete selection of lifting platforms for cars as well as trucks. Also workshop presses and engine diagnostic equipment are among our reliable products for your daily work.

Convince yourself now of the high quality of all articles in our range. Order online now and benefit from our many years of experience in the field of workshop equipment. Do you still have questions or comments? Please contact us by mail, phone or chat.

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