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Item no.: RP-SR-WCR00003E Leak seeking kit with leak detector H2 bottle and fittings for R134A R1234yf
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Item no.: RP-BG-8557 Air Condition Leakage Tester
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Leak detectors from RP-TOOLS - reliable and accurate

Leak detectors are part of the basic equipment in many workshops. They provide considerable support in finding small holes and leaks in different systems of a vehicle. Leaks have to be found again and again, especially in air conditioning systems. And this search can be quite cumbersome. With RP-TOOLS you will therefore find the right tools for every application. Leak detectors with different modes of operation are of course just as much a part of our product range as various auxiliary and consumable materials.

Leak detection for air conditioning systems can basically be done in two different ways:

  • Leak detection with forming gas and leak detector.
  • Leak detection by visual inspection using UV oil.

Leak detection with forming gas

Forming gas is generally understood to be a gas mixture of nitrogen and hydrogen. The respective gas proportions can vary depending on the type. Forming gases are usually non-toxic, but are flammable above a hydrogen content of 5.5 %. For leak tests, therefore, forming gases with a nitrogen content of 95 % and a hydrogen content of only 5 % are preferred.

To test an air-conditioning system for leakage, the gas mixture is usually filled into the system to be tested at operating pressure. The main function of hydrogen in this type of leak detection is that of a trace gas. An electronic leak detector, which responds to the hydrogen, is then able to locate possible leaks exactly.

Advantages of leak detection with forming gas

This way of finding a leak in an air conditioning system has many advantages:

  • A low sensitivity to cross gas: Since the leak detector reacts exclusively to hydrogen, there is hardly any influence by foreign gases. In addition, hydrogen molecules are very small particles that leak even from minimal leaks, such as hairline cracks. As a result, even the smallest leaks can be detected comparatively reliably with forming gas.
  • The fine leak test can be carried out even before the air conditioning system is filled with refrigerant: When using forming gas, the leak test before (re)starting an air conditioning system can be excellently combined with a fine leak detection. In the standard pressure level test, forming gas is simply used here instead of pure nitrogen. Consequently, the maximum test pressure, the small diameter and the low dynamic viscosity of the hydrogen molecules have a positive effect on the gas leakage flow.
  • The additional time and cost saving through the combination of pressure test and fine leak detection: Compared to the usual procedure, where the air conditioning system is filled with refrigerant directly after the pressure test with nitrogen, leak detection with forming gas prior to commissioning can be rated as significantly more effective. In addition, the time and costs of a renewed leak detection after filling the air conditioning system can be saved.

Leak detection using a UV agent

As an alternative to leak detection in air conditioning systems using forming gas, a simple visual inspection can be performed. For this, however, a special contrast medium or contrast oil must first be added to the refrigerant. The search cannot be carried out immediately either. The contrast medium must first be mixed sufficiently with the refrigerant. If this mixing ratio is reached and the contrast medium has already been in the air conditioning system for some time, it can be assumed that any leaks have also already been reached by the contrast medium. With the aid of a UV LED lamp, all components of the air conditioning system can now be checked for possible leaks.

The online shop of RP-TOOLS offers you, in addition to various testing devices for leak detection, of course also various workshop accessories, lifting platforms and other consumables. In addition, our customers have the opportunity to receive training on many of our machines and a reliable installation service. Do you have questions about our product range or our services? Contact us by phone, mail or live chat. We would also be happy to advise you on topics such as workshop equipment or workshop planning.