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Causal research very easy: with a speed recording device

Are you one of those passionate motor gods who can tell the revs just by touching or even hearing? Neither do we. We use our speed measurement devices for such problems in a simple and uncomplicated way. Haven´t you heard of them? Then it´s about time! Browse through our online shop and discover the modern workshop technology of RP-TOOLS.

Speed measuring devices - How fast do you turn?

To find out, we at RP-TOOLS have some helpful tools in our range. For example, do you always keep an eye on the engine performance of your customers´ engines? This enables you to detect and correct errors at an early stage before more serious damage can occur. The speed indicates the revolutions of the crankshaft of an engine. If untypical noises occur in an engine, the rotating parts may be to blame. But to get to the bottom of the problem, the engine must be examined more closely. What do you need for this? In any case tact, knowledge, experience and a speed measuring device from RP-TOOLS!

With the speed measurement device as an engine diagnosis tool you can establish the relation between sound pressure, acceleration and Co. and the rotation. Our modern devices do not have to be connected with many cables, but transmit the measured data directly via Bluetooth to your desired terminal device. Among other things, the speed is recorded via the harmonic of the charging signal of the car battery or via the magnetic vibration sensor and the engine temperature. Thanks to the user-friendly software, you receive structured, clear results: signal quality, measured values and transmission quality of the signals to the receiver. You have all this in view with our speed measurement devices. The speed measurement devices are also equipped with a rechargeable battery. No annoying power cable when measuring, but complete freedom of movement!

Workshop noise? Simply fade out!

There is always something going on in a commercial workshop. Who doesn´t know it: slamming doors, rattling impact wrenches, humming engines and loud compressors. So that all these noises cannot falsify the speed measurement results, there are even models with a self-learning noise filter. This filter detects the everyday noise and simply masks it out to improve the measurement results.

RP-TOOLS - We make your work fun

With our workshop technology even unpopular tasks are fun again. We have made it our business to develop modern equipment that makes strenuous activities more comfortable. With objects such as the speed recording devices, we provide you with casual diagnostic tools that deliver fast results. So you can detect and solve problems faster and everything rolls again as it should at your customers.

But that is not all ...

... because we have much more to offer. From lifting platforms to exhaust technology to air conditioning service, you will find practical accessories and valuable gadgets. Browse through our online shop and discover new possibilities for your workshop. Are you a hobby screwdriver? We have everything you need for your little darlings - no matter whether they have young hoppers or sprightly old-timers on your lift.

You have questions about our speed measurement devices or another product? No problem! Contact us here - the customer service of RP-TOOLS will be happy to advise you. Before you buy you would like to have a look at some devices and machines? Then take a look at selected RP-TOOLS machines at our reference customers.

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