Brake Systems
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Automotive brake systems: crucial for safety

The braking system is one of the safety-relevant systems on vehicles. Therefore, it is absolutely essential to maintain the brake system regularly and to keep it in perfect condition.

The brake system in motor vehicles consists of the front brakes and rear brakes, - the brake pedal, the parking brake (hand brake), brake hoses, hydraulic brakes from the brake fluid, drum or disc brakes, the caliper, the brake pads and other parts.

The brakes on the wheels are connected via the brake system with the brake pedal and the parking brake (handbrake), the parking brake is usually connected only to the rear wheels.

When the brake pedal is actuated by modern vehicles, the pedal force is transmitted to the brakes via a brake booster and then via the brake lines. The brake booster sits together with the brake fluid reservoir in the engine compartment of the vehicle. As a vacuum brake booster, brake boosters in automotive brake systems operate with negative pressure generated by the engine of the vehicle or by a pump.

Usually this is done hydraulically. However, heavy vehicles such as buses and trucks have pneumatic braking systems in which the pressure on the brakes is built up by compressed air and not brake fluid, as is the case with cars.

For safety reasons, since the 1920s, passenger cars must have two independent braking systems. If one brake system fails, then the other brake system is still available.

The front and rear brakes of a car are typically disc or drum brakes, with disc brakes increasingly relieving the drum brakes.

A number of tools are available for repairing automotive brake systems.

Professional tool for brake systems from RP-TOOLS

We stock a wide range of tools and equipment for the different types of brakes and suspensions. From flaring tools via brake fluid tester, brake bleeding, brake testing stands, drum brakes, disc brakes, play detectors and wheel alignment in the chassis section.