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Braking systems maintain with RP tools - because safety comes first!

Only few elements of motor vehicles are as relevant to the safety of drivers and passengers as the braking system. A vehicle with faulty brakes is also a great danger for the immediate environment. This makes regular and reliable maintenance of the brakes and braking systems of motor vehicles all the more important. In the online shop of RP-TOOLS you will find a large selection of equipment and tools for this purpose, which will comprehensively equip your workshop, test center, or similar. No matter if brake piston back plate or flanging tools ? you will always find the right thing in our online assortment!

Brake systems - Technology for safety

The braking systems of motor vehicles essentially consist of a front brake and a rear brake. Depending on the type of brake, these are connected to a brake pedal and a parking brake via various other components such as brake hoses. In most cases, however, the parking brake is only connected to the rear brakes and provides additional safety there. Other possible components of the braking system may include brake fluid, drum or disc brakes, calipers and brake pads.

When the brake pedal is depressed in modern vehicles, the pedal force is first transmitted to the actual brakes via a so-called brake booster and then via the brake lines. Like most other important components, the brake booster is located in the engine compartment of a vehicle together with the brake fluid reservoir. In the case of a vacuum brake booster, this works in its vehicle brake system with negative pressure, which is generated by the vehicle´s engine or by an additional pump.

Modern brake systems - double safety

The most common type of braking system used in the automotive sector is the hydraulic one. Only for heavy vehicles, such as buses or trucks, pneumatic systems are often used. Here the pressure on the brakes is not built up by brake fluid, as is usual in hydraulic systems, but by compressed air.

In order to further increase the safety of motor vehicles and to counteract brake system failures, two independent brake systems have been mandatory for passenger cars since the 1920s. The comparatively high number of accidents caused by brake failures at that time could thus be significantly reduced. Since the system has proven its worth, these two independent systems are still prescribed for all passenger cars today. In most cases, the second system, the so-called auxiliary braking system, is implemented via the parking brake.

Order brake piston rear disc now online

Many different tools and devices are available for the repair and maintenance of brake systems. For example, brake piston return plates or brake resetting devices enable brakes to be released easily and thus brake discs and brake pads to be changed easily. The most important thing, however, is that there is sufficient brake fluid in the brake lines at all times and not too much air in the brake system. In the course of repairs or modifications to individual brake components, it is therefore always necessary to bleed the brake system.

The online shop of RP-TOOLS offers you a large and comprehensive selection of different tools and machines for your workshop equipment. In addition to brake fluid testers, brake bleeding devices and joint play testers, we will also be happy to equip you with lifting equipment, special storage systems and various consumables. Order online now and benefit from our many years of experience in the field of automotive workshop equipment.

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