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Infrared emitters from RP-TOOLS: Reliable paint dryers

Do you have to touch up smaller paint blemishes regularly? Whether as a professional paint shop, workshop or test centre: Infrared emitters help wherever a lot of precise heat has to be generated in a short time. The paint dryers from RP-TOOLS are exactly the right thing here! Our independently working devices can be used mobile at different places and serve for heating and drying purposes. In addition to the automotive sector, they can also be used under supervision as replacement heating for halls and offices.

Paint dryer - Necessary everyday helper

Unlike conventional heaters, IR emitters do not work by heating the air directly at the device. Here the desired effect is achieved by heating the illuminated surface. Since in this case the carrier medium air is not necessary to transport the energy, the radiation from the device can reach the desired locations with almost no loss. Infrared radiators therefore offer significant advantages for paint drying compared to conventional heating methods.

Of course, the illuminated car parts in turn heat up the ambient air. A warming effect is thus nevertheless noticeable. However, this effect should be much less than you are used to from a conventional heating system. In addition, fewer warm air cushions are created under your workshop roof, which is due to the fact that the air is not heated directly.

IR emitters ensure reliability

The principle of operation of infrared-based paint dryers is very simple: regardless of the ambient temperature, all matter can absorb and (at least partially) absorb thermal radiation. Thus, infrared radiators can be used without any problems even at minus temperatures and ensure uniform and reliable paint drying.

Spot repair thanks to infrared radiators

The precise drying of paintwork is part of everyday business in the repair of vehicles. Small wounds and damage to the paintwork can be easily and quickly repaired. All that is urgently needed is a suitable paint dryer. Special attention must also be paid to the different drying times of the various paint layers. Undercoats and overcoats usually require different times than the conspicuous colour coatings!

Here, too, the use of an infrared radiator is definitely worthwhile. The radiator ensures a constant and reliable temperature during the drying process, which in turn favours reliable drying times. Benefit now from machines and equipment from RP-TOOLS and set up your workshop, test centre, paint shop or hobby garage professionally.

Buy infrared radiators online at RP-TOOLS now

The IR-emitters in the RP-TOOLS online shop naturally meet our high demands on material safety and quality. They are reliable and can be used versatile and mobile at different locations. Are you also looking for additional equipment for your workshop? At RP-TOOLS you will find an extensive selection of different devices, consumables and equipment for your automotive workshop. Whether lifting equipment, painting stands or air conditioning service: we offer you everything from one source.

Do you have questions or comments, are you missing something in our shop or do you have any questions regarding the assembly or use of individual tools? Simply contact us by chat, mail or telephone. We will be happy to help you and provide you with advice and support on all aspects of workshop equipment and vehicle repairs.

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