Impact Wrenches

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Once impact wrench - Always impact wrench

Because once you have worked with a pneumatic impact wrench, you will not want to do without it. Any screws and nuts are gritted together without teeth and welding beads are loosened on the forehead. Groaning moans when loosening rusted screws - adé! Do you still use the classic wheel spider or wrench to change car tyres? Then it is time to change to the RP-TOOLS pneumatic impact wrenches. Because they really have what it takes!

Compressed air impact wrenches - That´s where the blow hits you!

The impact wrenches from RP-TOOLS will soon be your best support when changing tires and glow plugs. The special thing about an impact wrench? By hitting the full metal head a higher torque is generated than is possible with a normal screwdriver. Nuts and bolts are tightly gripped by the tool. When normal screwdrivers reach their limits and frayed Phillips screws drive you to despair, the impact wrench does its best - and solves the problem.

Even a woman can use it when changing tyres! Don´t you think so? Try it out!

The right impact wrench for every nut

We at RP-TOOLS put together the best equipment for your workshop in our online shop. No matter if for the seasonal tire change in your own garage or for everyday work in industrial production - with us you will find the right impact wrench for your purposes.

What are the differences? Do you need an impact wrench with particularly high torque? Or is it more important to you that the tool is handy? Impact wrenches that are particularly short are especially suitable for corners that are difficult to reach. Due to their lower weight, one-hand operation is no problem. Working overhead? Do it with your left hand! For a really practical handling you will also find pneumatic impact wrenches with a side handle. Here you can really get to grips with it and fight even the screws with the greatest resistance.

Pneumatic impact wrenches from RP-TOOLS

No matter whether nuts are rusty or overtightened - with the impact wrenches from RP-TOOLS you can loosen every tire and every glow plug. The pneumatic impact wrenches are simply connected to your compressed air system in the workshop. Pay attention to the maximum air pressure. You do not have a compressed air system yet? Then equip yourself completely with us right away.

RP-TOOLS - We are your workshop partner

Besides impact wrenches you will find a lot of other tools and equipment for your professional workshop in our online shop. From energy and exhaust technology to cleaning systems and bodywork equipment, we help you to improve your daily work. Because with many of our products you save time and increase the working comfort. Your customers will be served faster and even more satisfied.

Would you like to see our products in action before you buy? That is no problem. The RP-TOOLS Finder shows you the distribution of our products. Simply take a look at the desired machines at one of our reference customers. Convince yourself of the quality of our products!

Do you have questions about our pneumatic impact wrenches? Would you like a personal consultation before ordering? The customer service of RP-TOOLS is happy to help you with words and deeds - just contact us via the different contact options.

Spare parts on request

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