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Check suspension and brakes with tools from RP-TOOLS:
Professional quality for the safety of your customers

Brake and chassis checks have the highest priority in the maintenance service of a workshop. This is the only way to ensure the safety of your customers. In case you are looking for professional workshop equipmentto refit, upgrade, modify or expand your workshop or vehicle inspection center, see RP-TOOLS Workshop-Equipmentfor all necessary components. Professional workshop planningmakes professional vehicle work possible.

Under the leadership of German engineers, we manufacture all our products in accordance with the safety standards of the ISO 9000:2001 standard. For brake checking and repair, as well as wheel alignmentand tracking, we supply a wide range of equipment. This includes, for example, brake testing stands, wheel alignment systems, brake systemsand flaring code.

Rely on the reliability of our professional own brand RP-TOOLS or comparable branded products.

High quality brake test stands create safety

During the maintenance of motor vehicles, you are also responsible for the safety of your customers in your workshop. With a RP-TOOLS brake tester, you´ll be able to detect potential errors early and increase the visibility of your workshop with the driving safety of your customers. We offer high quality dynamometersof the Sherpa brand in our range. These are among the most popular brake tests, thanks to their ease of use, high level of test comfort and the accuracy of the test results.

Chassis dynamometerscheck the braking force with a torque measurement. Both wheels of one axle are tested simultaneously. At RP-TOOLS we offer roller brake test stands for cars and commercial vehicles up to 13 t axle load. Of course, you will also receive necessary accessories and installation material for the installation of your brake tester. Coordinated material ensures smooth functioning.

Accurate wheel alignment and tracking for optimal energy consumption

When all the chassis components are working properly, both the wear on the vehicle and the energy consumption can be kept as low as possible. The wheel alignmentand tracking will help you get the most out of your vehicle. This aspect not only contributes to energy savings, but also to the safe maneuvering of cars and commercial vehicles. Ultimately, the wear on the tires and other parts of the vehicle will also be reduced.

Particularly important is the influence of the axle geometry on the braking distance. So it´s always necessary to professional wheel alignmentas soon as you suspect the first signs of such safety-related deficiencies. RP-TOOLS therefore offers state-of-the-art computer-controlled equipment for chassis checks, wheel alignment and tracking.

You can choose between 3D wheel aligners and laser measuring devices. Last convince with wireless communication technology, multilingual guidance and guidance and easier operation for the daily use of cars, commercial vehicles and buses. Incidentally, it is worth the price to purchase a 3D wheel aligner if you frequently perform wheel alignment measurements; the time savings and precision of the devices speak for themselves.

Great selection and fair prices at RP-TOOLS

Take advantage of the fair prices during the refitting, extending or renovating of your workshop for brake testersand wheel alignmentfrom RP-TOOLS! With them you are able to build a solid foundation for your professional work. In our online shop, you will find everything you need around the clock for your workshop equipment. In addition, we are of course also available via email or phoneand will help you by the means of many years of know-how with any questions regarding technology, our products, equipping your project and your overall planning.

First-class products, expert support, rapid assembly and the clean working practices of our employees are the reasons for the reputation of RP-TOOLS. Choose the equipment for your professional workshop in our online shop and let us deliver everything directly to you.

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