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Item no.: RP-ET-HDL-2-6 Axle and joint play tester for cars and light commercial vehicles
Ready for shipment in ca. 30 days Shipping time: 32 - 33 workdays
Item no.: RP-ET-HDL-2-6-OF Axle and joint play tester for cars and light commercial vehicles (above ground)
Ready for shipment in ca. 30 days Shipping time: 32 - 33 workdays
Item no.: RP-ET-HDL-2-6-RAMPS Ramps for axle and joint play tester for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles (above ground)
Ready for shipment in ca. 6 days Shipping time: 8 - 9 workdays

Play detector for your workshop

A vehicle is associated with a high level of responsibility: regular maintenance and workshop visits are essential to ensure that a vehicle benefits from it for a long time and, in particular, to guarantee the safety of all road users. If excessive one-sided tyre wear is detected on a vehicle, an articulation play tester is called in to help get to the bottom of the matter. Due to the increasingly compact design of modern vehicle axles, the susceptibility to repairs has also increased ? it is important to detect and rectify defects at an early stage. At RP-TOOLS you will find everything you need to enable your customers to continue driving safely. Browse through our range of high-quality workshop equipment ? we have the right model for you.

Precise diagnosis with the play detector

Rumbling noises, poor directional stability or spongy steering behaviour are indications that something is wrong with the wheel suspension or steering. Too much play due to wear in the joints and the wheel suspension is often the cause of these suspension problems, which considerably increase the risk of accidents. A regular and thorough check with a joint play tester helps you to diagnose such defects early and precisely and to restore 100% driving capability.

An inspection of all chassis parts on the front and rear axle of a passenger car is part of the daily routine of every workshop. The inspection with an articulated play tester puts stress on the wheels and accordingly on the elements of the steering and the suspensions with alternating effect. This enables a visual check of possible defects such as excessive play in the ball joints. The joint play on the chassis components can be localised professionally and the condition of the parts and the need for repair can be determined quickly and reliably. Major defects can be prevented in this way, as even the initial wear and tear becomes visible. Enable your customers to achieve the highest level of driving comfort, safety and precise, lane-constant steering thanks to diagnostics with an articulated play tester.

Order play detector online now

At RP-TOOLS you will find the suitable joint play tester for your workshop. With eight test movements, this play tester is ideally suited for chassis diagnosis and periodic vehicle inspection. Thanks to its low height, installation in a working pit or on a lifting platform is no problem: The test plate can be used on any smooth surface. In our online shop you will find the suitable mounting material for your play detector.

All driving situations can be simulated when testing the joint clearance: The forces that move the wheel back and forth when starting, braking and steering are realistically imitated and recorded. In this way, wear and tear can be determined very easily, as it can be seen on the test lever. Complete your workshop´s range of products with an RP-TOOLS joint clearance tester and offer your customers comprehensive service and optimum road safety. Do you have any further questions? Our customer service is at your disposal with competent advice. We look forward to hearing from you!