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The perfect tool for anyone who wants to work extremely effectively with as few electronics as possible, yet still equipped with all the functions.

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Das Klimaservicegerät von RP-Tools ist das perfekte Werkzeug für alle, die mit möglichst wenig elektronik äußerst effektiv und doch mit allen Funktionen ausgestattet arbeiten wollen.
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Das Klimaservicegerät von RP-Tools ist das perfekte Werkzeug für alle, die mit möglichst wenig elektronik äußerst effektiv und doch mit allen Funktionen ausgestattet arbeiten wollen.
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Air conditioning service units for comprehensive workshop service

Around 10 to 15 % of the existing air conditioning capacity in vehicles is lost every year. The reasons for this are hoses, connecting elements and minimal system-related leaks. Two to three years alone are enough to ensure that one third of the entire coolant is already missing. As the liquid is lost, the risk of damage to various devices in the vehicle, such as the compressor, increases. Regular air conditioning service is indispensable here ? with the help of a suitable air conditioning service unit, this is possible both in workshops and in the private hobby garage.

The choice of models is manifold. We will tell you which model is best suited for your application.

Maintaining the quality of vehicles

A car is often a constant companion for many years. However, even if the vehicle is owned for a short time, no damage or defects should occur in order to maintain its value. An intact and regularly maintained air conditioning system ensures a closed air conditioning circuit. This prevents harmful bacteria in the evaporator from entering the interior.

Motor vehicle air conditioning service units are available in different versions. If you want to buy a new A/C service unit, it is therefore advisable to adapt it to your individual use. In our online shop you will find different versions ? which differ in their advantages depending on the frequency and type of use. As usual, you will find more information about our individual automotive air conditioners on the respective product detail page. Nevertheless, we would like to introduce our selection to you here.

High-quality air conditioning service units with additional features

The first important criterion is the question of frequency: How often is the air conditioning service unit used? Roughly speaking, three groups can be divided:

  • Occasional use by carrying out customer service and for refilling repaired car air conditioning systems: Here, a particularly inexpensive variant is worthwhile, otherwise the purchase costs are too high and are only compensated for at a very late stage.
  • Daily use by A/C service: When you buy a high-quality A/C service unit, make sure that the maintenance and service costs are low so that the purchase is worthwhile in the long term. The operation or operating instructions should be simple so that you can quickly find your way around each time.
  • Constant use of air conditioners, caused by a truck fleet, bus company or similar: The service stations should contain a large storage bottle, as more than ten litres of refrigerant are regularly filled in. Ensure short suction and filling times thanks to the high performance of the pumps.

Automotive refrigeration service units from RP-TOOLS

R134a, R1234yf or CO2 R744? The various forms of air conditioning maintenance can be very diverse: They can be designed for different refrigerants, be particularly suitable for occasional or frequent use, and be automatic or manual. The most important information for all our A/C service units is of course already included in the title, so you can make an initial selection here: Would you like to save yourself a lot of work and time thanks to a fully automatic system? Is your focus more on an inexpensive model? What additional features should the air conditioner have? Our product range covers all wishes and requirements.

Rely on first-class brands and also discover products of our own brand RP-TOOLS: Thanks to years of experience and in-depth know-how, we have developed extremely efficient air conditioning units that are both visually and functionally convincing. Whether you are a passionate hobbyist, small or large workshop, fleet or similar ? in our online range you will always find exactly the right automotive air conditioning service unit.

Do you still have open questions? We would be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice and help you choose the right air conditioning unit. We look forward to hearing from you.