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Reliable brake fluid testers from RP-TOOLS

For brakes to function properly, regular brake fluid changes are very important for the safety of a motor vehicle. This maintenance work must be carried out with special care and cleanliness, as even the smallest impurities, such as dirt or small parts, can get into the brake system and damage the brake pistons, for example. So-called brake fluid testers are suitable for determining whether it is necessary to change the brake fluid in a vehicle. These provide reliable information as to whether the brake fluid in a vehicle is still ok or whether it needs to be changed. Depending on the model, the brake fluid tester determines the current boiling point of the brake fluid in the vehicle or the water content of the fluid.

Testing brake fluid by water content

The higher the water content in the brake fluid, the lower its boiling point. This has the direct consequence that the braking effect of the brake system is greatly reduced. Brake fluid testers prevent this problem.

As the water content in the brake fluid of a motor vehicle increases over time, the boiling point of the brake fluid decreases more and more. This happens because the brake fluid has the property to absorb water from the air. Vehicles that have been stationary for a long time are also subject to this phenomenon, which is why regular checks are also necessary here. A change of the brake fluid may therefore be necessary even for vehicles with a long service life.

Loss of braking power due to water

But why does water in the brake fluid limit the braking effect so much? The new water entering the brake fluid has a lower boiling point compared to the existing fluid, which reduces the boiling point of the entire brake fluid as the mixing ratio increases. If the boiling point of the brake fluid is now reached during braking, vapour bubbles form in the brake system which are caused by the boiling of the brake fluid. As a result, hydraulic pressure is no longer generated on the brakes and the pedal fails during braking without producing a braking effect.

A sufficiently high boiling point is therefore essential for the brakes to function properly. If the boiling point of the brake fluid is now below 150 degrees Celsius or below 180 degrees Celsius at the reservoir, the brake fluid must be replaced urgently.

Pay attention to DOT values in brake fluid testers!

Different brake fluids differ in their properties. These include the boiling point properties. To be able to map these differences, brake fluids are classified according to DOT values. The higher the DOT value of a brake fluid, the higher its boiling point. A distinction is also made here between the dry boiling point and the wet boiling point. The dry boiling point is the boiling point of the new fluid not yet in the vehicle. The wet boiling point, on the other hand, is the boiling point that is present at the end of the brake fluid´s service life when the water content in the fluid has risen to approx. 3.5%. In addition, the general rule is that the brake fluid should be renewed every two years for safety reasons. With a brake fluid tester from RP-TOOLS, the time at which a change is necessary can be determined more precisely.

Order brake fluid tester online now

In addition to brake fluid testers, the RP-TOOLS online shop naturally offers its customers a wide range of other products for the maintenance and repair of motor vehicles. In addition to various materials for brake maintenance, you will find everything you need to professionally equip your workshop. Whether professional lifting technology, shelf storage or tools and equipment for tire service. RP-TOOLS is your partner for high-quality and reliable articles for the automotive industry. You have further questions or comments? Simply contact us by mail, chat or phone. We are happy to assist you with advice.

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