Emission Inspection

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Help the environment with an exhaust gas tester from RP-TOOLS!

Vehicles on the road must undergo an emissions test at regular intervals. During this test, the CO values of the running engine are checked while stationary. In addition, the following visual and functional tests must also be carried out:

  • Testing of pollutant-relevant components
  • Inspection of constricted tank filler neck
  • Control loop tests
  • Ignition timing test (as far as this can be represented)

Check exhaust gas values with exhaust gas measuring devices

Since 2010, the exhaust emissions test has been part of the general inspection (HU) and can be carried out and certified by recognised vehicle workshops. The exhaust gas testers of RP-TOOLS can be used for the AU on vehicles with diesel and gasoline engines. Essential for an exhaust emission test are among others the engine speed and the operating temperature.

Procedure for the reduction of pollutants

Various processes can be used to keep CO levels as low as possible and to achieve a sustainable reduction in pollutant levels:

  • Suitable engine design
  • Type and quality of mixture formation
  • Exhaust gas recirculation
  • Optimization of the engine management system
  • Optimization of the charger with intercooling
  • External exhaust gas recirculation
  • Aftertreatment of the exhaust gases in the catalytic converter

Differentiation criteria for emission tests on vehicles with positive-ignition engines

The different test procedures distinguish between vehicles equipped with positive-ignition engines in the following categories:

  • with unregulated mixture formation systems (UKAT),
  • regulated mixture formation systems (GKAT) and
  • Vehicles with controlled mixture formation systems and on-board diagnostic system (GKAT + OBD)

Preparatory work must be carried out before the exhaust emission test. This includes checking the conformity of vehicle documents with the vehicle, selecting the test procedure to be used (UKAT, GKAT or GKAT + OBD) and recording the vehicle identification data.

Order exhaust gas measuring instruments online at RP-TOOLS now!

During the exhaust emission test, the engine has to be brought to a certain operating temperature, depending on the mixture formation system, which may take a long time. With the exhaust gas testers from RP-TOOLS the warm-up phase of the engine takes only five minutes. This means that the calibration required by law only has to be carried out once a year.

Important notes on the exhaust gas testers of RP-TOOLS

Please note: For the Omnibus 800 Light device, it is important that you purchase the optional items for Germany when using it in Germany!

Complete flexibility with our exhaust gas measuring instruments

The exhaust gas measuring instruments of RP-TOOLS can be ordered optionally with or without PC. While the Omnibus 800 Kombi is equipped with a PC, you can easily connect the Omnibus 800 Light to your own PC or laptop using a USB cable. Both measuring stations are listed in the Renault and Nissan workshop catalogues and convince with high multifunctionality and quality. The Omnibus 800 Kombi and Omnibus 800 Light are among the most sold exhaust gas devices in Europe and Germany respectively.

Exhaust gas tester and other workshop equipment from RP-TOOLS

From battery service to tools, the online shop of RP-TOOLS offers you no limits in your workshop equipment. Take a detailed look around and order online. Our experienced employees are at your disposal for advice via live chat, e-mail, telephone or in person!

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