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Tyre changers from RP-TOOLS - reliable and safe

Tyre fitting is a regular and strenuous maintenance job that is carried out almost daily in car workshops, especially at the changeover times between summer and winter tyres. However, under certain circumstances, its correct execution can become a critical safety risk, especially if no suitable machines are available to help. Tyre changers can help here. Depending on their design, these useful workshop wonders can take over many or even all of the steps in the tyre fitting process.

Tyre fitting - routine work with risk factor

When wheels are changed from summer to winter tyres, there are usually two possibilities:

  • Winter and summer tyres have their own rims, which do not need to be changed.
  • Winter and summer tyres share a set of rims.

If the former is the case, changing tyres is simple. The wheels can simply be changed completely and then stored. However, if summer and winter tyres share a set of rims, the wheels must first be removed. To do this, the tyres must first be removed from the rim. This is where the first problems often arise. Improper or too rough treatment can lead to permanent damage to the tyres, which considerably shortens the overall service life. The frequency of tyre changes also damages the rubber in the long run.

The process of tyre fitting is further complicated by the forces to be applied. Pulling a non-fully elastic rubber ring from a rigid metal ring to a rigid metal ring requires extensive knowledge and skill. Particular caution is required, for example, if the dismounting is carried out due to a repair instead of a seasonal change. If too much force is applied, the already damaged tyre can tear and lead to serious injury to employees and damage in the workshop. A prudent and professional approach is therefore essential.

Tyre changers - more safety for workshops and vehicles

The tire changers from RP-TOOLS support your workshop with well thought-out functions and practical help programs. Even the automatic balancing of tires is no obstacle for our multi-talented machines. Offer your customers consistent quality in tire fitting and repairs, regardless of your current workforce or workload. In doing so, you not only support your own sustainable customer economy, but also actively help to prevent accidents. It is not for nothing that punctures, or even tyre cracks, are one of the most common accident black spots on motorways.

Our tyre fitting machines are subject to constant quality controls and are continuously improved. The operation is intuitive and easy to learn. One-hand control and foot pedals allow reliable tyre fitting by just one person. Of course, our tyre changers also support the changing of low profile, wide or run-flat tyres. Some models are optionally equipped with an integrated tyre inflation system. We would also be pleased to help you find the right machine for your workshop. Simply contact us by phone during our service hours or in our chat. We will also advise you on questions concerning your workshop equipment, training courses on our machines or the professional installation of our products.

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