Tire Changers

Tire changers: an absolute must for an automotive tire service

In every professional vehicle workshop, a tire changer is used when changing tires. Whether mounting summer or winter tires, repairing tires or even balancing tires - whenever a vehicle's tire needs to be assembled or disassembled, a tire changer is required, as a must-have effective tool for every car repair shop.
Even when mounting heavy truck or bus tires, a tire changer is the indispensable tool of choice.

RP-TOOLS tire changers: quality that will convince you

Our machines are extensively tested and the quality and performance got improved. All our tire changers are ideal for tire service and small workshops.

We offer a wide range of models and different configurations to meet all workshop requirements.

Our assortment includes both semi-automatic and fully automated tire changers, as well as a wide selection of accessories and spare parts. We also offer assembly of our machines and training.

We stock tire changers for cars, trucks and buses, and motorcycles. Take a look at our online shop.
We are happy to advise you also by phone or in our chat.

Our mounters are in operation across Europe. Thousands of satisfied customers all over Europe speak for themselves.