Oil Collection & Extractors


Mobile device for collecting universal oil by draining or suction of the oil.

- Fast and easy removal of universal oil from the engine and transmission by vacuum
Drain trough with 470 mm diameter for oil -.
- Installation of the lift or on the floor
- Antechamber of glass for the determination of the quality and quantity of the oil.
- Accelerated Drain the oil from the vessel for temporary storage by compressed air.

The oil extraction unit is practical and space-saving - Two fixed and two steerable wheels make it into a mobile all-rounder, always ready and at hand. Compact and very easy to handle due to the practical push handle.

A pressure gauge indicates pressure air or vacuum at (compressor not included). On the oil drain is a stop-cock, which makes the evacuation by air pressure particularly easy.

  • Massive steel design
  • overpressure protection
  • Collecting funnel adjustable
  • Holder for tool
  • Quick change coupling for hose connections
  • Separate shut-off valve - The first oil flows into the measuring container and after pressing the lever into the collection.
  • Stopcock at the outlet
  • Emptying via drain hose comfortably by compressed air
  • The small parts tray is removable
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Durch dieses Gerät ist ein bequemes und sauberes Ablassen des Motoröls möglich.

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Tool of the highest quality.
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