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Axle free jack for more flexibility

They create a healthy height for ergonomic working, offer stability and also easier accessibility: lifting platforms have always been an important part of a workshop and are what make it a professional place for repairs and upgrades to the vehicle. In addition to the classic lift, you will now find numerous variations with specialisations, which contribute, for example, to simplified wheel alignment. In addition, with just a few features you can individually adapt your lift to the necessary conditions - for example, with an axle-free jack.

When is the axle free lift the right choice? What is it used for and what advantages does this lift extension offer? We give you an overview and help you to find a suitable model for you.

When is an axle free jack worthwhile?

The so-called axle free lifters are an aid that you can integrate into your existing lifting platform. With their help you create additional height and lift one side of the vehicle. Because the axle free lift is attached to the lower body, you have easy access to the axles and tyres.

Thanks to the special integration, the axle free lift can be moved forwards and backwards as far as you like and without any steps. So if the car is not in the right place, it´s no problem. The different lengths of the trolleys are also no obstacle. Furthermore, you can use the axle free lift for both the front and rear axle.

An axle free lift can therefore be quite practical and offers many possibilities for adapting to the car in question, in order to lift it gently and evenly - and at the same time provide you with the best working conditions. In addition, a mechanical lowering safety device is attached to our RP-TOOLS axle free lifters, which takes effect in an emergency.

In terms of price, such an extension is already suitable for small workshops, but also for hobbyists. If you have several identical lifts, even only one axle-free jack could be sufficient, if you carry out the work one after the other or different work.

Axle free lift for your lifting technology

Before buying such a wheel-free jack, make sure that it is compatible with your current lifting technology. Otherwise risks and sources of danger for all parties involved as well as damage to property may occur.

In general, the axle lifters are particularly suitable for 4-post lifts and scissor lifts. If your lifting platform is particularly flat, an axle lift can be a very good alternative to a new lifting platform with considerably higher purchase costs. If you have an assembly pit in your workshop instead of a lifting platform, the matching pit jack can also be optimally integrated. For an axle-free jack you need special rails on your lifting equipment on which it is mounted and moved.

Which vehicles can be lifted?

If the vehicle has pick-up points on the sills, you can always lift it with the help of an axle-free jack. If there are none, caution is required. Vehicles whose body is lowered or has been lowered as standard can also be picked up without difficulty.

Your lifting technology from RP-TOOLS

Aren´t axle jacks what you are looking for? No problem! When it comes to professional and high-quality lifting technology for workshops or hobby garages, you have come to the right place. In addition to axle-free jacks, we offer a wide range of products - from various lifting platforms to important accessories such as rubber blocks. Please feel free to browse through our range of workshop equipment - and if you have any questions, just contact us. We will be happy to assist you with any workshop technology issues and will work with you to find the right solution. RP-TOOLS stands for quality and service - discover all the advantages of our online shop!

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