Scissor Lifts for Wheel Alignment
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Item no.: RP-SI-SRS1505-55LT Scissor lift for wheel alignment L: 5500 mm (with rail) above ground 5 t with wheel free lift and joint play tester
Ready for shipment in ca. 30 days Shipping time: 32 - 33 workdays
Item no.: RP-SI-SRS1505ILT Scissor lift for wheel alignment L: 5500 mm (with rail) underfloor 5 t with wheel free lift and articulated play tester
Short supply. Shipping time: 2 - 3 workdays
Item no.: RP-SI-SRS1405ILT Scissor lift for wheel alignment L: 5500 mm (with rail) underfloor 4 t with wheel free lift and joint play tester
Ready for shipment in ca. 30 days Shipping time: 32 - 33 workdays
  • Variations in: InstallationInstallation LightingLighting
Item no.: RP-R-8250B2_VAR Scissor lift for wheel alignment L: 5000 mm (with lighting) 5000 kg RP-8250B2
Available now!
  • Variations in: InstallationInstallation LightingLighting
Item no.: RP-R-8240B2_VAR Scissor lift for wheel alignment L: 4800 mm (with lighting) 4000 kg RP-8240B2
Short supply.

Scissor lifts for professional wheel alignment

The scissor lifts with wheel alignment are based on the basic principle of a simple scissor lift and extend it with additional features that make wheel alignment particularly easy. At RP-TOOLS you will only find high-quality models which convince not only with their innovative design but also with well thought-out features. Find the right scissor lift for your workshop in our online shop!

Reasons for such a necessary wheel alignment can be very diverse and range from repairs to conversions on the vehicle. If everything is adjusted correctly again, the tyre wear of the car can be significantly reduced and the vehicle will drive optimally again.

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Wheel alignment can be a very complicated matter if you have the wrong or too few tools. Even the right lifting equipment is indispensable for this. Our scissor lifts from this category are specially designed for wheel alignment and make a lot of work easier for you. We offer you a wide selection so that you can find the right lifting technology for every type of vehicle. Possible features include special lighting or axle clearance sliders and joint play testers. All our scissor lifts work in an electro-hydraulic way.

Especially if you have to measure an above-average number of axles in your company, these types of scissor lifts are a relief. But of course professional wheel alignment is also possible with other lifting equipment. The best alternatives and significantly more cost-effective solutions are the simple scissor lift and the 2-post lift.

When ordering, please make sure that the maximum load capacity is not exceeded and that the respective lifting technology is suitable for the corresponding vehicle type.

Scissor lifts directly ready for use

Before you can use the respective scissor lift, it must be installed safely and correctly. Only in this way can safety be guaranteed. Depending on the model, you can also decide how you want to install the scissor lift on the product detail page before ordering: Underfloor or above ground.

You can choose to install the lift yourself or with our support. In this case you will receive instruction from our trained team of technicians. You will also find suitable installation material and other accessories in our range.

You can also book an extensive training for the correct installation and use of the lifting platform. Furthermore you have the possibility to buy an annual service.

Wheel aligners for wheel alignment for scissor lifts

However, a scissor lift alone is by no means sufficient for wheel alignment. Here the necessary tools are required. Special wheel alignment equipment is available in our online shop for workshop technology. Here too, it can quickly become expensive. Therefore we offer you various alternatives for wheel alignment.

Whereas wheel alignment used to be a very complex task in the past, this task is now performed by modern, computer-controlled wheel aligners. These use lasers or sensors and with the help of additional information such as the vehicle type, they can detect whether the axle is correctly adjusted and where it needs to be repaired if necessary. Wheel aligners can be used for passenger cars, vans, trucks and buses.

You will find a whole range of wheel aligners online. RP-TOOLS offers you the three options 3D wheel alignment, computer-controlled wheel alignment with CCD sensors and laser wheel alignment.

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Whether for a professional workshop or the hobbyist - our range of products has just the right offer for everyone. Here you can expect high-quality articles from only one source. Are there any more questions? Please contact our customer service - we will help you with any request concerning first-class workshop requirements.